It’s a good time to reflect..

I haven’t been to many funerals in my life.

In fact, when I went to put my shirt on this morning to head to my first one in around 3 years, I discovered the program from the last one I went to (I guess this is my funeral shirt).

I have certainly never been to a funeral for anyone under 60.

Dave was 32 and was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour about 14 months ago, when he was 30.

A month after he was diagnosed, he said that he wasn’t afraid to die.

He was one of the most logical, calculating and smartest guys I’ve ever known.

But also one of the funniest and most generous.

He could tell me the exact route he would take down Northbourne Avenue in the mornings to get  to work the quickest. Which lane at which time all the way down.

He would talk about computer games for hours if you let him. Sometimes I would have no idea what he was talking about, but I enjoyed listening to his passion.

He would delve into philosophical conversations about religion, the universe and home entertainment systems. He knew a lot, but was never arrogant.

He would drive people home to the other end of town if you needed a ride. He’d never complain or refuse. He would offer.

It is surreal. Seeing photos of a person that you remember, and then looking up and seeing the casket and realising that even though he feels so far away, he is right there. 10 metres away.

Another thing that he said is that he doesn’t understand people who talk about the best time of their lives as being in the past. He always said that the best time of his life is right now.

It was just a week ago that he said this.

Sometimes fate plays it nasty and takes away the nice people too early.


I can only think that it’s to make the rest of us realise what we’ve lost.


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