New brand of air freshener..

For some reason, the building I work in smells like dog piss.

It’s like someone let a pack of dogs in overnight and let them piss all over the carpet.

It’s pretty gross.

But hey….it’s a Friday!


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2 responses to “New brand of air freshener..

  • LaLa

    Cat piss. Yes.

    Dog piss? No.

    Cat piss just lasts you know?

  • Skye

    Ewweeee Gross.
    Chris has this nice stuff he sprays here at the office in NYC I’ll ask him to send you some!! .. nayways I wrote you an email .. I am going to Washo but Im gonna be a loner on Sat nite 😦 .. do you have any friends .. or good pubs I can hang out at??? .. Chris & Dan (his b-friend) are doing something spec Sat nite so I gotta find my own distractions
    😦 Why aren’t you in Washo anymore 😦

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