The AB Medal rundown…

So, you may or may not like cricket, but hey, it was the big night of nights for Australian Cricket last night, and all the stars were there.

And along side Australia’s best cricketers? Their partners. And boy, can cricketers pull the chicks…

All eyes were on Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke. Well maybe, not Michael Clarke. Nice couple though. Good job Slats on introducing them.

Warney is obviously not quite ‘there’ with Simone again, so he brought 2 of his kids along. Well actually Andrew ‘Roy’ Symonds brought Brooke as his date.

One of my highlights of the night was when they showed some of Brett Lee’s Bollywood video and Symonds was laughing so hard that his newy attached bicep tendon was killing him.

It’s funny as fuck…

The Man of the Night with his wife, Rianna. He scooped all the major awards in what has been a bumper year for the Aussie captain.

Well, hasn’t Mr Lee done well. Elizabeth is a stunner and had some funny comments to say about her hubbies singing exploits.

Not really sure who James Lund is, but I reckon Gian Rooney is a hottie.

Seriously Nathan. Get a haircut! You won’t be able to hold on to wife Haley with hair like that.
Or maybe she holds on to you….

Nice work Mitchell. You might need a visit to the dentist though…

Matty…the tie. What are you thinking? And Justin. Are you a Blues Brother?

Hehehe…just call me a cricket fashionista…..


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One response to “The AB Medal rundown…

  • LaLa

    I may not know cricketers, but I know my shitty tv hosts. That is Jules Lund, not James (unless that is her ‘real” name).

    He was a competitor on that Channel Nine Ice Skating Show.

    He is very irritating.

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