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Nice to get tagged from my latest favourite blogger, LaLa. But this one’s a weird one. I was once tagged with a meme to reveal 6 things about myself that you may not know and I might incorporate that into this one as well, because I am sure that some of these useless things are things that I probably don’t usually reveal…

5 Useless Facts about Me (that you might not know)

1.  I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and have had it for almost as long as I can remember. I am not even sure how I got it, but maybe I’m just a defect in that way. I do remember that I used to listen to Michael Jackson, ‘Choose 1985’ and the Footrot Flats soundtrack very loudly on my walkman when I was a kid and that couldn’t have helped.

I used to think that the crickets I heard in my head when I was trying to sleep was normal, but now I know otherwise.

You know how you have a ringing in your ears after a concert that goes away in a day or so? Yeah..I have that ALL THE TIME.

Mind you, I don’t have any hearing loss as such, so I can still hear you whispering..

 2.  I thought I was going to die once. Back in Yr. 9. It was a school camp at Bundanoon (somewhere between Canberra and Sydney) and we were canoeing down a river near by. It had been raining a lot before we went and the river was flowing fast.

We got to a point in the river where the canoe guides held us up and gave us our one and only lesson of the trip. If you fall out, lift your feet up and float.


So here we were, 14 and 15 year olds canoeing down rapids on a raging river (well it seemed fast at the time). Basically, everyone capsized as we went down the rapids, but the problem when me and my canoe buddy flipped was that I got stuck under the canoe. I went underwater and tried to come up for air, but ended up hitting my head on the canoe. I tried probably 3 times, starting to really run out of breath. The 4th time I went down longer, tried to push myself away and managed to get up for air. I was freaked out, but hey, I didn’t drown that day.

I still think that was the closest to dying I have ever been…

3.  I have a soundtrack in my head. No matter where I am, or what I am doing, I have some tune in my head that keeps going, sometimes on a loop, until I change what I am doing. Music is a huge constant thing in my life and I love to be surrounded with it.

I wish I could wear my iPod at work all day and just immerse myself in songs until I have to come back to the real world.

Current song? When You were Young – The Killers.

4.  I don’t like really skinny women. There’s something about seeing the ribs of a woman that just erks me right out.

I also like a woman with hips and an arse. She’s got to have some junk in her trunk. I mean, seriously…


Damn…She’s going to snap in half in a sec..

Bones jutting out are just not a good thing.

New song in the head: I like Big Butts – Sir Mix-a-lot

5.  I fidget. A lot. I like to bounce, squirm, fiddle, pick, tap, knock.

I don’t know why. I just like to be moving. It’s hard to stop sometimes. Especially when I’m supposed to paying attention to someone or something. I hate standing still. If I really really have to do it, I will move something in my mouth, or my toes or something that people can’t see.

I don’t think I am tense, or stressed or have a nervous personality. I just seem to have to be moving a lot.

I have a nasty habit of picking my finger and toenails, but this will switch to picking scabs, or cuts or skin if I’m in the mood.

Somebody stop me!!


So there we go. 5 things that you probably didn’t really care about learning about me.

So, who to tag….

How about Enny, Dean and Skye!


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