The Battle of the Clueless…

The geeks out there have probably already read this, but for everyone else..

Guess the top search term on Google.

Lohan pussy?
Steve irwin Stingray video?
2 Blog or not 2 Blog?


It is ‘Yahoo’.

Now guess the top search term in Yahoo’s search engine.


It’s ‘Google’

How funny is that shit?

It’s like going into a library to find out where your nearest library is.

Or going into a McDonalds and asking directions to a McDonalds.

Crazy fools.

According to this article, people are so used to Googling terms that instead of typing in the extra ‘www’ or ‘.com’, they just whack ’em into Google and click their way to it.

Conversely, people are just typing in www.<whatever>.com to get to something they want. So websites get hits from people who want exactly what their website says.

People are funny creatures….


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