Why not? I love to bash up on Media.

Thanks to a newly discovered blog I have latched onto the supposed controversy of a mother in the US who goes to a playgroup with other mothers and kids and has a glass of wine.

This is news? This is even worthy of taking up anyone’s precious time (ok, well the people who watch this probably have nothing better to do, but that’s another blog entry).

This issue is ridiculous and hardly worthy of even being written about, but if you want to read what was written by the actual mother who was dragged into NBC’s studios to appear on The Today Show and be ambushed by an ‘expert’, then click here. 

What I want to talk about is how the media wastes people’s time. Similar to the flag controversy last week, they love to hook their feral claws into an issue and then drag it into the mud and mix it with whatever excrement happens to be lying there at the time. The problem with this, (other than the obvious) , is that people LAP THAT SHIT UP.

Why do you think ‘Today Tonight’ and ‘A Current Affair’ are such big rating programs? Why is it that people love to have water cooler discussions about whether or not dole bludgers deserve their welfare? People have opinions, which as any human being should, I can respect, but it’s when opinions of media institutions who are not thinking in the best interest of the general populous, but just for their own ratings.

What Australia watched, Monday Janurary 29th 2007 (taken from here)
1. 1 VS 100 Nine –
Bloody Eddie is back
2. OCEAN’S DEADLIEST Nine – When’s the last time a Steve Irwin Doco was on in Prime Time?
3. HOME AND AWAY Seven  – Come on…Neighbours is better!
4. THE RICH LIST Seven – Huh?
5. TODAY TONIGHT Seven  – SEE!!!!
6. SEVEN NEWS Seven – Ho Hum..

Us Aussies will all remember Frontline. The satirical take on these sorts of shows. The thing is, it was scarily accurate. Mostly because some of the story lines for the show were actually taken from Media Watch. A real show about the real shows.

Ok…ok…I’ll calm down. There’s nothing to be done about all this. There’s no way to convince the millions of people who watch these sorts of shows (and believe them) that what they are watching is NOT NECESSARILY THE TRUTH. Us people who know better will just carry on in our lives the way we always have, and we’ll laugh and point and continue to make our own minds up.


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