Hot as ever…

The perfect come-down after the BDO was Friday. And being Australia Day, it was also Triple J’s Hottest 100 day!

The only problem being that I had to drag myself out of bed, have a shower and get somewhere near a radio before 10am!

It was worth it however as the Hottest 100 songs of 2006 were counted down. It was a good mix of music. Unfortunately I didn’t know about a quarter of the songs, but that’s ok, at least I got to hear which were the popular songs of 2006, especially the Australian ones.

And again Australian songs dominated the chart, which is the best thing about Triple J and the countdown.

Songs from the Hilltop Hoods, Eskimo Joe, The Grates, Sarah Blasko, Bob Evans, Josh Pyke, Jet, Wolfmother, Pendulum, The Butterfly Effect and Gotye all featured mulitple times in the list and once again we had an Australia No.1 (Augie March!), but also No2 (Eskimo Joe) and 3! (Hilltop Hoods).

I was very surprised at the No.1. Not only because I had never even heard the song, but because it was from a band that I would never have expected to have been known by a large enough amount of people, let alone known well enough to be voted for that much! What a difference a year makes I guess.

5 of my 10 voted songs came in the Top 10, whilst 2 (‘We are Scientists’ and ‘The Editors’) didn’t make it at all. I will be interested to get the compilation album when it comes out in a few months, but in the meantime I will keep listening to start compiling my list of songs to vote for next year!

Hope you had a good weekend, and if you are Canberran and need a feed tonight or tomorrow night, pop on down to Zambrero Mexican Takeaway in Braddon where I can serve you a tidy burrito or taco.

I’ll even give you extra Chipotle Mayonnaise!


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