It should be renamed the ‘Huge Day Out’

It’s been a big few days and my body keeps reminding me!

But firstly, I have to tell y’all about the Big Day Out. It was fan-bloody-tastic. Only my 2nd ones but it shat all over the first one last year.

The quality of the bands, and the weather made the day perfect.

There were Australian Flags, but no-one gave a shit. As always it was a huge beat-up by the media, a big waste of time. I saw very little trouble. There was your odd young male hooligan, and lots of chest beating, but overall, very little incidents that I saw. I did notice that there seemed to be more drugs there than last year. It seems that last year they focused on the sniffer dogs and stopping the drugs. This year, I had a plastic bag with some water, sunscreen and bananas and they let me into the ‘fast lane’ so I could walk straight in. Couldn’t have been easier.

Although there are rides, food stall, clothing, jewellery, bars and toilets to keep yourself amused all day, I really could see the point in wasting time with any of them when there were so many great bands playing all day. Here’s the bands I saw in some sort of chronological order…

Sick Puppies – Saw their whole Set. Not bad. Very excited to be there. Definitely got the crowd going..
The Spazzys – Hot chicks playing rock ‘n roll. A visual treat 🙂 They were ok, but didn’t really set the stage alight…I left early to head to…
The Herd – One of the highlights of the day! They smoked up the Boiler Room with their unique political Aussie Hip-Hop. But they also know how to have fun as well
Evermore – Wasn’t that interested in these guys from NZ, but they were ok. A little more Everboring than anything, but not too bad to see…

Food break! – Grabbed a burrito and wolfed it down. It hit the spot!

Scribe – He was playing in the main arena while we ate. Huge crowd and they were getting into it. He was playing them well and I enjoyed it even from the stands.
Eskimo Joe – Besides having to bear the sounds of My Chemical Romance from the adjacent stage as we waited, it was worth it. Eskimo Joe exploded on stage and the crowdw went along with it. Couldn’t believe the crowd reaction to them (compared to 18 months ago, ot even 3 years ago). They seem to have replaced Powderfiner as the top quality Rock Band in this country (I don’t count Jet or The Vines).
John Butler Trio – Saw a bit of their set as we trudged, wet and tired, away from the ‘Joe’. Tight and impressive as JBT always are.
Kasabian– Saw a few songs from these Poms and enjoyed what I heard. I have been trying to get into them lately and they have a good sound. Will get a lot bigger with more radio airplay.
Snowman – Little Aussie band from Perth (with another cute girl Bassist). They are eclectic and the couple of songs we saw weren’t too impressive, but I’ve seen them before and don’t mind them.
The Killers – Back to the main stages to cactch some Killers from the stands. They were very good. The crowd loved them and the sounds was awesome. They seemed to cut their set a little short for some reason as there was a bit of a gap to ….
Jet – Meh. Not really interested any more. They have lost me as a rock band now. While they played their cliche well worn Rock I headed down to the ‘D’ entrance to get up the front for the BIG bands..
Muse – The best band of the day. The sun was setting. The band was warming up and when they kicked into ‘Plug in Baby’ and then ‘Suppermassiveblackhole’ the fans were at fever-pitch. I managed to force my way to about 8 rows from the front and soaked in their wall of sound. Unbelievable.
Tool – It was the first time I’d seem them and they were as impressive as I thought they’d be. By the time they had ploughed through about 5 songs (lasting around 40 minutes. They have long songs), I was completely spent and hung back in the crowd for a bit. ‘Vicarious’ was amazing and so was ‘The Pot’. Maynard has amazing stage presence and you can’t help but be mesmerised by their sound and their stage work. I snuck back to the seating (watching some crazy fuckers jumping the fence trying to get into the D) and watched the rest of their set from a distance, but they were bloody good. I ducked out a little early though to see..
Violent Femmes – These guys were at the original Big Day Out 15 years ago, and they are old, but they can still play their music very very well. I enjoyed their sound and the drums enthusiasm as he drummed standing up at the front of the stage. Also loved the bass players big acoustic Bass. I want one!
The Crystal Method DJ’s – They were playing in the Boiler Room as we walked away so didn’t really hear them, but they would have gone off. Wish I had gone in there!

Best T-shirt of the Day – “John Hunt is a Coward”

Wet, tired, sore and satisfied, I headed back to Canberra, knowing that next year I won’t leave my ticket purchase to the last second and that I will never again miss a Big Day Out.


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