Teeth. Who needs ’em?

My new job last week, my new house on the weekend, and all the while I have had a throb throb throbbing pain in my bottom left molar.

It started last Monday as a bit of a dull pain at the root of my tooth. Not a good sign, but I thought that it would fade away. Tuesday came and the pain got worse. It was a constant throbbing pain in my whole tooth, making the lower left half of my face hot and the pain sometimes made me sweat that I had to stop what I was doing and just concentrate on something else to help the pain subside.

I couldn’t sleep last Tuesday. I woke up in the middle of the night in agony and couldn’t find any decent drugs. I finally found some Panadeine Forte that I had tucked away from my eye surgery on Wednesday morning and I started to get drugged up. Wednesday and Thursday were a blur of Nurofen Plus, Panadeine Forte and the constant throb of my tooth. I couldn’t eat on that side, and if I accidently put pressure on the tooth the searing pain rocketing through my jaw would remind me to never do that again.

I can hear you saying, “Go the the Dentist you crazy fool”, from here. And yes, you are right. However 15 years is my current ‘No Dentist’ streak and I was happy to keep extending that.

By Friday I was pretty sure that I couldn’t bear it any more and I was just about ready to get a pair of pliers, a piece of string and a doorknob or go and get deserted on a desert isle, a’la Castaway, and just hack it out. I even made an appointment with a dentist for Saturday morning.

Then magically the pain started to dull on Friday night. I was even drug free through the night and I stayed over at a mates place (far from the 8.30 dentist appointment). I called the kindly dental office at 10.30 Friday night and cancelled my appointment. The lovely Asian lady asked if I still had pain and I said yes, but that I couldn’tmake the appointment because of another commitment. I am so full of shit.

So the pain has sort of transferred from my tooth to my jaw now. My lower jaw aches, but it’s not a searing pain. I actually think the pain is just in the jaw under where my tooth is, so maybe the infection or whatever it is has just travelled further down.

That’s the question though. I have been wondering if it’s not actually a tooth problem at all. I mean, sure, I probably have a hole in that tooth that has travelled all the way through to the nerves, but maybe it’s just infected and a dose of antibiotics will cure my pain. Then again, I bet a dentist will want to hack away at the tooth and either rip it out or perform money swindling root canal treatment.

So realistically, and if I was a responsible adult, I would probably go to the doctor and/or dentist. I am leaning towards making a doctors appointment so they can get me a antibiotic prescription which may or may not fix it, but it can’t hurt(more than this). As far as breaking my No-dentist streak goes, I think it is definitely on the cards, but first of all I need to be able to afford the hundreds or thousands of dollars they are going to charge. So I will wait a couple of months (more procrastination).

I’ve made the call before for dentist recommendations in Canberra, but I will ask again. Please, someone, recommend a dentist that is nice, friendly, not going to appear in my nightmares and does a good fast job without being a masochistic psychopath. Also, if they don’t charge the earth, that would be handy as well.


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3 responses to “Teeth. Who needs ’em?

  • Angie

    omg! That is bad. I prefer going to a dentist over a doctor any day!! In fact, had bronchitis for 6 weeks before finally going to the docs to get anything for it. Figured coughing a lung up was the way to go. My dentist is the only person who sees me regularly — every 6 months. I want my teeth when I am old and senile.

  • incognito

    I *heart* my dentist Ray Swanson in Braddon (62491391). He is the best dentist ever tho’ I don’t know if he is cheap. He has a very philosophical turn of mind and explains degrees of pain accurately and with tips on how to minimise.

  • Saatchi

    I agree. Ray Swanson is tops in Canberra. Brilliant dentist and lovely, interesting man.

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