Just wear The Herds t-shirt, not a Union Jack..(I just wish I was going to be there)

I feel passionate about this and I am glad I have this place to vent (the guys at work are a bit green for me to start swearing in front of)

I believe I am very patriotic. I love all things Australian and feel I ‘flew the flag’, so to speak, for our country when I lived overseas pretty well.

But it shits me, and really gets my goat, when young drunk yobbos use the Australian flag as a tool to support some sort of Nationalistic pride. What sort of nationalistic pride? The one that these yobbos seem to think comes from the colour of your skin and your ancestry.

“Big Day Out patrons were intimidated and harassed at the Sydney event on Australia Day 2006 by bigoted fans brandishing flags and demanding people pledge their allegiance.”

It was everywhere during the Cronulla Riots and showed up at the Big Day Out in early 2006. Dickheads would wave the Australian Flag in your face in an effort to some how prove that they are far more patriotic that you. It was a load of crap, and it made a mockery of the day and of the flag.

Let’s not forget that a decent portion of this country is interested in a new Australian flag and the current one with it’s Union Jack is hardly relevant to this country any more. I think that when (yes, when) this country becomes a republic and breaks away from the ‘English noose’, that the flag will change. How it will change? I don’t know, but no matter what it looks like, I will be proud of this country and where I come from.

The comments made by the Big Day Out organisers have been twisted and made to look like they are ‘banning the flag’. Read the real statement here. And it is fair enough.

  • It is not being held on Australian Day in Sydney this year.
  • There was a noticeable problem with young drunken (mostly male) yobbos at last years Big Day Out causing problems.
  • It’s about the music and always has been.

Then Johnny Fuckstick comes out and says the event should be cancelled until the ‘ban’ is reversed. Bloody Hell. Look, it can’t be helped that a dickhead journalist can stick a microphone in his face and tell him what they think will get a reaction, but he can help himself by not saying ridiculous comments in response to a ridiculous question.

And to make matters worse? I don’t even have TICKET TO THE BIG DAY OUT YET!!!

I really really really want to be there, but what options do I have left? Find some person who has a ticket but has decided that seeing some fo the best bands in the world in one place really isn’t their thing any more? Or maybe I should just kneecap someone who has a ticket so they will have to sell it to me.

Of course, there is always eBay….

I think this is the last year that anyone will be able to buy or sell tickets on eBay, so maybe I should just got for it.

Unless of course someone out there has a ticket they want to sell? Even one to Melbourne? I will drive down there! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?

I promise I won’t take my Aussie Flag….

EDIT: Check out this excellent blog entry

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One response to “Just wear The Herds t-shirt, not a Union Jack..(I just wish I was going to be there)

  • LaLa

    What happens if you paint a Australian flag on your face with zinc cream?

    What happens if you have an Australian flag tatoo on your arm?

    I hate yobs that use our flag as an excuse to be even bigger wankers.

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