First night…

Moved in yesterday to my new place. Went shopping for the first time for myself. (that was a little weird)

It feels weird to be living alone like this. And right now I’m in this big house all by myself (the other guys were away last night).

And then it was windy all night and all the doors in the house keep banging. How annoying is that? You know how, even when they are closed, they rattle back and forth because of the air pressure in the house….

So I didn’t sleep that well, but my bloody crazy toothache isn’t helping matters. I’ve had a sore tooth since Monday and now, nearly a week later I am ready to take to it with a piece of string and a doorknob. Or maybe a pair of pliers….

And, I know….go to a dentist. But a) I have no money and b) I haven’t been in 15 years and I’m scared they’ll take one look in my mouth, roll up their sleeves and cancel their 10, 2 and 4 o’clock.

I wonder how long it’ll be till this palce feels like home…


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