Share your stories on Sharing!

Tomorrow I start something that I have never done before.

Living in a share house.

I will be with 2 other guys. One is 42, a public servant, and the other is 19 and a Retail store Manager.

I’ll have 2 rooms for myself, which works out perfect because the guys are fine with my kids coming over. I also get a big living area to myself (which currently has nothing in it).

The guy (42 yr old) that I met was so easy-going and I think this situation will work really well. The younger guy apparently stays in his room most nights (when he’s home) and then heads back to Goulburn for the weekends.

It’s only about a kilometre from my kids, so all in all I think this place is going to work great.

I have bugger all furniture, but am hoping to find a few things here and there and build it up over time..

So….share houses. I have heard a lot of stories. Some of them horror ones, and some of them good. Actually most of them are horror ones. People don’t seem to talk about the good share houses.

What are the basic rules for food? Cleaning? Cars? Music?

I need help in Share House etiquette!


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5 responses to “Share your stories on Sharing!

  • Enny

    I’ve shared twice before – there’s a reason I’m not anymore (well, the first became uncomfortable when dating a housemates ex, the second became a bit difficult to live in due to the attitude of one housemate and my brother dating the other (serves me right, I guess!)).

    Food – I used to keep my food entirely seperate and mark them all with stickers (more so I knew what was mine) in one house, or keep them on my own shelf in the cupboard, fridge and freezer in the second. We tried to do a night each of cooking in the first house but everyone’s taste is different and people would ‘forget’ to cook. I’d also recomend a shared account for things like toilet paper, tissues, cleaning products etc.

    Cleaning – I was allowed to have my room as messy as I wanted but was to keep general area’s clean. There will always be arguments about washing up – everyone ALWAYS seems to do it and NO ONE seems to make it!

    Cars – I paid extra for the garage in both places, so it was a non event.

    Music – one word: iPod.

  • Aurelius

    The biggest factor I think is to treat it like anything shared, and make sure everyone thinks stuff’s done fairly. Money, housework, everything. It’s a balancing act of managing everyone’s expectations.

  • Dean

    Talk! You don’t want to make any assumptions about how things are going to run, so give yourself a week to settle in & if it hasn’t been raised, ask the boys about how they’ve run the house (own food vs shared food, cook for yourself or roster, cleaning roster or allocation of cleaning jobs, using/borrowing stuff, etc etc). Better to get that sorted from the start than to get into arguments over assumptions.

    Any issues come up, talk ’em out.

  • Kay

    What Dean said basically.
    I’ve lived in three share houses – one with three, one with two and one with five people. All three were different, but all were good. The five person one was (as you’d imagine) the hardest one. But still a great year of my life.

    One good tip for dishes comes from a share house my sister lived in: Each person had a peg. pegged on a string. When your peg gets to the top of the string it’s your turn to do the dishes. How many you have to do depends on how long it takes you to get around to it, though general curtesy states that you wait until there’s more than a few to do, and that if someone is going to be stuck with a zillion due to being out of the house, someone else takes a turn our of turn (but then moves their peg to the back again, so they’re hardly disadvantaged).

    (a belated welcome back by the way)

  • Kay

    And BTW, I like your new look.

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