The Next Big Cheese, as opposed to mouse droppings they have now…

The next president of the USA has declared he is running for the presidency.

Barack Obama (which I continually misread as Osama and think that’s he’s somehow skipped into the US and changed colours and joined the Democrats) is going to be a president that will show everyone (even the most ardent, stubborn and stupid Bush supporters) what a president should be.

Someone who believes in the future, the children and himself.

The 43rd President?

Yes people, he is black (half white actually), and he is young (45!)

It’ll happen. He will beat Hillary (pleasepleaseplease), who is NOTHING like her husband when it comes to making sense. See for more about the REAL Hillary.

I know I’m talking about the US, but we all know how much influence they have over our government (although I’d like to see what Obama would do to Johnny’s overworked tongue), and time is running out for this world at the rate it is going.

Ok..enough about US politics, but just remember his name….


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