Shocking upkeep of my blog…

Well, it’s been nearly a month since my last post on my eyes.

What’s been happening? (says that pointless voice in my head)

Well I am winding down my year in the states and getting ready to head back home. (Yes. Home. Australia will always be home.)

It’s getting frigging freezing here and I am looking forward to the 35 degrees when I get off the plane in Sydney in 2 weeks.

So, I am hoping to line up my previous job as an IT contractor. I am hoping to move back in with my Dad (for now) and I am hoping to spend lots of time with the kids around Christmas.

Throw in the Ashes, some Tooheys Extra Drys, some burgers with the Lot and some golf and I am really starting to looking forward to getting back to Aus.

There is nothing like Australia, and all of the people who are posted or work at the Embassy look forward to their trips back home no matter how often or infrequently.

I would love to catch up with my fellow Canberran bloggers when I get back to the motherland. Perhaps some sort of meetup around Christmas would work? I’d love to get back and find out what everyone has been up to.

I will be rejuventating To Blog or not To Blog when I get back, but will probably move it from Blogger to here as I have found wordpress to kick arse in the blogging stakes.

So, anyway. There’s a post. I’ll get back to my Corona Light (not quite a good as a Corona Full) and talk more soon!


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