Enough is Enough.

Now I know why I prefer not to make ‘personal’ posts on here.

It’s my own bloody fault, but I did not expect to be attacked by people on my own blog.

I’ve removed the post, the comments and am close to removing this whole thing, but will not.

I’ll keep my personal life to myself and my family and friends, and unless you actually are a friend then stay out of it.

People all think that they know it all, and know how to deal with things. Why don’t you all go back to watching Dr. Phil and take the easy packaged up DIY options.

May not post on here for a while, but will revert to sending emails to the people I care about.

So long….


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5 responses to “Enough is Enough.

  • Liesl

    Just so we’re clear, whether you want to believe it or not, I actually am a friend. True friends are the ones who tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear!

    And as for me of all people making a comment, well can you think of a single other person who might have even a tenth of an idea of how you feel?? You know where I’ve been, you know where I am now. My concern for you is your relationship with your kids!

  • Phillipa

    It seems that there is one consistent theme running though all of the comments; that you all, better than Mick, know what he needs.

    How do you all figure that you have some supreme knowledge of how he should run his life? Are your lives so perfect that you are in a place to dictate what is best for someone else? I consider myself to be someone who is close to Mick and I have never felt it was my place to either comment or command when it comes to his major life decisions. What gives you all the insight to be able to see what is best for him?

    I appreciate that you are all coming from a place of caring about Mick and his children but do you not think that he has considered all these things? Isn’t he allowed to question his path and what he wants out of life? Does being a parent mean that you are no longer allowed to do that?

    I know I will probably get some negative comments about this but please know that I am not attacking any of you; I am just asking you to question yourselves. Don’t you all have some doubts and trepidation about your lives? The fact that Mick reached out to all of us for some guidance and was attacked makes me so sad. I would hope that we could share our opinions and thoughts on the musings of Mick in a more constructive way. I know I am constantly questioning what I am doing with my life and I would hope I could reach out to my friends without any fear of judgement.

    So…..hit me with your best shot.

  • Cassanova

    What on earth makes you think we’re attacking anyone? I visit this site infrequently, and am compelled to leave minor, probing comments that will hopefully lead Mickrad to fully think about his options. When Mickrad left his last cryptic blog message (which has since been removed from the site) I merely asked whether he thought he was truly moving forward or just running away from things. I still believe that this whole site smacks of someone doing their best to ignore a lot of issues or problems back home – whatever they are.

    When Mickrad replied in the most extraordinarily defensive and angry way I admit I saw red and I hit back. I apologise if my comments were harsh.

    Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less what he does with his life. How old would he be? Mid 30s? He’s old enough to make his own decisions. Personally I’m yet to be convinced he is making these decisions for the best reasons, or is fully considering the implications of the lifestyle he is currently leading (not just now but well into the future).

    I hope everything works out for him and his kids, but unfortunately life doesn’t always have a fairytale ending and reality can have a bad habit of biting you – hard.

  • catherine

    I’ve been reading your blog intermittently since it started in Australia, and its been great.
    I’ll be sorry if you take out the personal posts, since thats what I find intriguting and interesting. Enough to keep signing on every now and again, and being happy to find the blog is still alive.
    (I missed the post that caused the ruckus, and the responses.)

  • Liesl

    Just wanted to reply to Philipa – not an attack!! No-one said they knew what was better for Mick than Mick. The whole point of my comment was that when you have kids you put their needs first.

    And yes we all have doubts and trepidations, me more than most (I’m sure Mick has filled you in) but you have to face your doubts and your fears, not run away. Having lived overseas myself I know how much fun it is but surely the time for living the young, single no responsibilities lifestyle is when you are young single, and have no responsibilities?

    When you choose to get married and have kids you have to live with that choice. I’m pretty sure no-one put a gun to Mick’s head and forced that life on him, it was completely his choice and decision. Now that it gets hard and things aren’t perfect the best response is to run away and not deal with any of it?? Mick’s kids did not ask to be, but they are and they should have their dad around. My question to you is, do you have children? Do their needs come first in your life? Being a parent does not mean that you can’t question what you want from life, or question the choices you made or the life you have. What it does mean is accepting that you are responsible for another life. You put their needs before your own. You do what is best for them, even if it is hard.

    At no time did I ever tell Mick what he should do with his life other than to say, grow up and think about your children, what they need and what they deserve. As I said, he chose to have children and he chose to have that responsibility. Packing up and running away should not be an option when you have kids, no matter how hard life is or how much you want to – and believe me there are times when ALL parents want to!!

    It is a fact of life that after children come into the world they need their parents to love them, protect them and be there for them. Being a parent means that whatever is going on your own life you have to put them first. If you don’t like your job or your marriage or the city you live in you do what you can to fix it but not at the expense of your children’s stability or happiness. And I know you are thinking who am I to say that the kids are unhappy, but how many children do you know that love their daddy as much as those guys do that would be happy to have him so far away? And yes, I have seen them since Mick left!

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