A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning….

….I was on the train this morning.

Doing nothing out of the ordinary. Reading the City News (street press) and listening to Stone Temple Pilots on my iPod, when I started to feel a little light-headed and dizzy.

I hadn’t had breakfast, but I usually don’t and I had eaten pretty well the day before. (big stir-fry dinner!)

I was reading one second,at Judiciary Square station, and then suddenly my sight started to go funny and the music in my ears seemed to get faint and I just couldn’t focus on anything. It was like the world was spinning around and there was crackling and fuzz in my ears. I remember I was staring straight ahead…trying to focus, but it wasn’t doing anything. And then at some time after stopping at the Chinatown station, my eyes started to clear up and my hearing returned.

I looked down at what was in my hand, but it was just the outside of the newspaper. The rest of it seemed to have flown down onto the floor at the feet of the lady in front of me.

Her and the man opposite me were looking at me strangely and she said, “Are you ok? You don’t look so good.”

She was right. My head felt light, my ears were ringing and I was sweating like a bastard.

“I…don’t know. What happened?”

“You scared me.”, she said, “You were just started staring into space. It looked like you had a seizure”

So. Did I? I felt like shit. I got off at the next stop (which happened to be work) and tried to gather my thoughts.

It was a strange sensation. It was like a little explosion had gone off in my head and I couldn’t focus or acknowledge anything. It probably only last 30 seconds or so.

After a couple of hours at work I felt human again, but I am intrigued as to what happened.

Yes, I should go to a doctor, and if it happens again I most definitely will, but I did a little research of my own.

It could have been a Simple Partial Seizure.

The scary thing is that every reference to that, is on an Epliepsy website. I don’t know what the hell it was, and it does freak me out a little.

Anyone else ever experienced anything like this?


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5 responses to “A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning….

  • Kim

    I had issues in college with something maybe kinda similar. It was chalked up to low blood sugars. I never was in the middle of a big city and all scary-fied like you though!!

  • rachel

    well if im correct – i think judiciary square is underground (on the metro). each time i used to ride the metro in DC, about the time I’d come above ground, to the last few stops to vienna, id have a similar feeling. but i would get so queasy, I would swear that I would get right sick on the train right there. I would get really out of sorts, forget where i was, start gripping onto things. Lots of people thought I would need a doctor (I was never drunk or hungover either). Usually about 10-20 mins later I’d feel fine. I never saw a doctor, but thought it had something to do with the metro and making me feel out of sorts from going to vast darkness underground to concentrating on everything around me. No clue. Never experienced it on the NYC subway. Of course – we’ll never know, and I dont plan on making the trip on metro again. I hate the damn thing.

  • Dean

    I had a bit of a dizzy moment just like that a few weeks back at work. It happened mid-afternoon as I was going to get some lunch. I hadn’t eaten (except for maybe a cup of tea or two) and felt so much better about a half-hour after I had.

    My vote is for low blood sugar.

  • mister z

    Mick, I had what sounds like similar experiences from time to time after about a year of living in DC (and much less, but occasionally, since). Dizzy spells, anxiety/nausea/panic for no reason at all, elevated heart rate, sweaty body and clammy hands.


    It was eventually more or less diagnosed as ‘anxiety attacks’, the likelihood of occurrence I put down to the level of crap in the american food chain (lots of aspartame, hydrogenated corn syrup, etc).

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