Quizno’s vs Subway

Apparently there is a Quizno’s in Australia, but I had never seen it until I came to the States.

I have eaten a fair bit of Subway in my life, and even though it’s pretty good and ok for you, there is always that ‘Subway’ ™ taste about it wherever you go. I like the fact that Subway had started toasting the subs just before I left. Mmm…Melty..

So anyway, here in the states there is another sub chain called Quizno’s, and this place it very similar, but they have been toasting their subs all along, and they also have different sizes to Subway and offer other things like Bread Bowls. I have actually preferred them to Subway since being here, even though you’re still paying 8 bucks for a sandwich, but anyway…

Now watch this

Now does that thing look like the most disgusting thing you have ever seen in your life? I have seen this ad many times and everytime, even if I’m hungry or not it just makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Our good friend Mr McD had one yesterday and I looked at it..looked at him and said, “So, that’s one of those brisket things hey?”, “yeah.”, “How is it?”, “Yeah…pretty crap”

Done and done.

Back to Subway I go…


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One response to “Quizno’s vs Subway

  • The Staunton News Leader

    Quizno’s vs Subway

    So, I was curious of Quiznos was all that they say they are, and they’re not! After going to the Quiznos here in Staunton Virginia, over near WalMart, I realized they actually kinda suck. After selecting my sub, they put on the meat. I then proce…

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