20 things that I am glad I did in my 20’s

As my 20’s near their end, I am starting to get really introspective about the last decade and what I have done.

I am proud of my achievements in my 20’s and that’s why I am happy to move on to my 30’s. I know that quite often people reach 30 and wonder what they have done with their lives.

This list is not just a list of things I’m always proud of, but more things that I am glad I have experienced.

1. Had Kids
2. Got Married
3. Lived and worked in another country
4. Worked in public, private and contracting companies
5. Checked out the view from the Empire State Building

New York Skyline from Empire State Building

6. Watched my sister grow up and use her amazing artistic talents
7. Watched my other sister get married, have kids and be happy
8. Ran a marathon
8. Bought myself a laptop and an iPod
9. Started a blog (or 2)
10. Bought a house (or 2)
11. Tasted Chipotle (that stuff is goooooood)
12. Saw the Socceroos qualify for their first World Cup in 32 years.
13. Gained a qualification piece of paper (for what it was worth)
14. Discovered that being happy is more important than nearly anything else
15. Learnt that no matter where I go, Australia will always be home (Thanks Peter Allen)
16. Saw lots of live music. From the Big Day Out, to They Might be Giants in Washington. I just love live music.
17. Watched a game of football with my son. (when he’s awake, for at least 10 minutes)
18. Seen enough of the world and learnt enough about people to be able to form my own opinions on what is wrong and right in this world.
19. Met some of the best people you’d ever want to meet who will hopefully remain lifelong friends.
20. Not died.

Time to start thnking about the next 10 year and what they will bring….

Coming soon: A list of the 30 things I want to do in my 30’s!


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One response to “20 things that I am glad I did in my 20’s

  • Angie

    In case I miss saying it, Happy Birthday! Wish I had handled my 40th as well as you appear to be handling your 30th. Then again, 30 was no big deal to me. 🙂

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