One more week in my 20’s…


Life doesn’t get much easier over here, but hey, at least I managed to make it back safe and sound.


After the plane coming in from Sydney was 2 1/2 hours late, and then we waited another 90 minutes on the tarmac, I finally made it from the East to the West of this big _____ land. (insert your own descriptor here)

4 1/2 hours later (which was fast) we landed at JFK. 2 hours later I made it out and on my way to Manhattan. Missed the last Chinatown bus by about 15 minutes ($20 bus trip to DC). Headed to the Port Authority to catch the last Greyhound to DC. At 2am, I was on my way back and 4 1/2 hours later with little or no sleep I arrived in DC and went straight to work.

It was probably Wednesday before I actually felt human again.

I have checked out a few places to live, and then met up with a cute Labradoodle today that I will be dogsitting in late August. I think I will probably hold off finding a place until after that, but it’s getting frustrating not having a place to stay.

In other news, a week out from my 30th, and THANKS to my little sister (who did a damn good job cutting my hair), I discovered white/grey hairs in my side-burns.

I was looking forward to turning 30!! 😛


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