Do I look gay? (honestly)

Life is never boring in this place.

Not only have I slept in around 8 or 9 different beds (not with people) since being here, I have applied for places to rent as well, but not having much luck.

The latest in this saga is a studio apartment that I was hoping to share with a guy down the road from work. It wasn’t a huge place, but he was only going to charge $300 and it was literally 200 metres down the road. I was looking forward to basing myself somewhere
Apparently now his sister is going to be taking the space, which in theory is fine. I mean family comes before some random bloke you met through email. I’m a bit pissed that he took so long to tell me. (I was supposed to move in 2 weeks ago) I told him this on email last night.

He apologised and blah blah, but said that we should meet up for drinks some time……and maybe more.

I should have known.

I think I did know.

And no, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But maybe it’s good that I didn’t move in.


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