3 words.


Bring on Italy.

But hey, we are in the second round and I know that everyone was hoping we'd get there, but none of us were really sure that we would.

This is huge. This is exciting. I sort of wish I were back in Australia because the atmosphere on Friday would have been amazing. The atmosphere here at the embassy was pretty cool as well. We had the game showing on the big screen in the main hall and we were downing VB's and eating chips and making the Embassy shake with our cheering.

We had shirts made up for the event as well. Pictures to come soon!

Man…this is so good. I hope we make it to the Semi's cause I will be back in Australia for them!

Ok…a little analysis of the game?

Firstly, Kalac??? What was Guus thinking? He nearly cost us our chance. Nearly. That howler and that fumble? Jebus. How hard did he want to make it for us?

His response? "I had a world-class goal and I had a shit goal". SHIT??? That's it? For starters, that first goal you should have gotten a hand to it. I mean, yeah, it was a good strike, but to not even get a touch? You should have been a step ahead of where you were. And that second goal and those fumbles were just pathetic.

Apparently Schwarzer was dropped because he made mistakes in the last 2 games? I wish someone would point out what they were.

Kewell's relief (along with the rest of the country) and reaction to his goal was awesome to see. He has been the person that our team has been pinning our hopes and dreams on for so long and I really really felt for him that he managed to get a goal in a World Cup game. He deserves it.

Other players? Emerton, Cahill (loved his bicycle kick attempt), Neill, Aloisi, Kennedy. They all played well. I like Kennedy. I had never heard of him before, but I like him.

Damn…so cool.


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