My last 2 weeks…

Hey all!

Sorry it's been so long since updating, but I have been catsitting out at Crystal City, and have not had Internet access, apart from trying to steal wireless from other people which wasn't very successful! It sucks because I have had a fun couple of weeks as well!

Here's a quick rundown…

6/6/6 – Wolfmother – Black Cat

Wolfmother at the Black Cat 6/6/6

Oh hell yes. I had been hanging out for this gig for months. We got in for free thanks to some Aussie friends in Chicago who knew the tour manager (whose number I now have in my phone!).

Wolfmother rocked out as only they know how. I saw them at the Big Day Out earlier this year, and they were outstanding in a big arena, but in a little club, they just went off amazingly. Solid, pumping, tight and rocking. They are so good live. I hear they have a sold out tour of Australia coming soon. If you haven't got tickets…SCALP some!

They have been going great guns in the states. Playing lots of shows, lots of TV and store appearances (were on Letterman last week) and they will be supporting Pearl Jam for some upcoming shows in Europe. I really hope the boys make it big because they are the most excting thing to come out of Australia for a long time (We don't count Jet or The Vines).

The World Cup

Of course this has been the highlight of the last week. Not only did I spend last weekend completely drunk and in Football heaven, that Australia game on Monday (which was at 9am for us here) , was just the icing on a huge huge cake of luscious football. Me, Dougall, Alex and Tinning just went ballistic after those 3 goals. It was so amazing to watch and experience Australia's first ever goals and first ever World Cup win. We were drinking malt liquor and beer from 9 in the morning and the day just flew by as the yanks went down (hehehe) and the Italians showed their skills against the Ghanans (Ghanians? Ghanesians?).

And right now? I am soaking in the Ghana v Czech Republic game. I have been trying to watch every game, or at least part of every single game……and…OMG Ghana just scored on the Czech Republic!! Holy crap….that was awesome!

It doesn't matter who is playing. I am just soaking it in as much as I can.

Mind you, the American commentators suck. I almost prefer to watch the games on Spanish TV to avoid hearing their crappy commentary where they feel they have to compare football to baseball, basketball and boxing. One commentator even said, "Everyone in the world has heard of Michael Beckham". So sad it's not even funny!

My Aussie holiday!

I have booked and bought my tickets back to Australia from July 1st to July 15th. I am looking forward to seeing the kids especially, but also I miss my family and friends so I will hopefully try and catch up with everyone I can while I am there. I actually arrive in Sydney on the morning of the 3rd (missing a day!) but can't wait to get there!

While I'm home I will be celebrating my 30th and my sisters 21st, so be prepared for a party!!

So hopefully I will be around a bit more from now on. Thanks to you all for your comments and emails. It's nice to know people are checking out this blog and enjoying reading it!

GO THE AUSSIES against Brazil tomorrow!!!! I will post some photos of our t-shirts that we'll be wearing. Made especially for the World Cup!

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8 responses to “My last 2 weeks…

  • Lady E!

    Hi there,

    World Cup Football (yes…let’s call it by the REAL name) has been fantastic (Go England!). Too bad North Americans will never truly appreciate “The Beautiful Game” as those of us born abroad do!

    Thank God I don’t have to listen to american commentators..and yes, do listen to it in Spanish…at least they’ll know what they’re talking about, or better yet…MUTE the american commentators! (The americans have NO clue whatsoever–“Michael Beckham” indeed….BAH! I’m going to correct them…that would be DAVID BECKHAM the other player would be MICHAEL OWEN.

    I’m glad the Canadian commentators know what they’re talking about. (Here we get not only World Cup action, but English, Italian & Spanish Priemere league FOOTBALL matches.

    The correct term is Ghanians, by the way. Many live in the greater Toronto area…that’s Toronto, Ontario, Canada–not Toronto, OH, for the geographically challenged.

    Now that that’s out of my system…have a great time when you get back home, hug and kiss the children lots!

    **Proudly supporting England & flying the Cross of St. George**

  • someone :)

    Isn’t Canada though part of North America? Just curious. I thought they were but I must be geographically challenged.

  • Lady E!

    To “someone”,

    If you were born in the u.s., chances are…your world geograhy sucks. (Do you know what country lies directly south of yours?) 😛 Of course Canada is part of North…someone who actually learned something in their geography class…or was that an educated guess? Hhmm…educated guess in america…quite the oxymoron! ;P

    Somehow, you failed to interpret what I said correctly…so I’ll say it again. Generally speaking, north americans i.e. especially those born in the u.s., usually have no clue about the game of football.

    Those of us who live in North america now, but were born in other countries grew up calling “The beautiful game” by its proper name (and the only name I ever call it…FOOTBALL! Those born on the north american continent call it by that silly name….the dirty 6-letter word starting with ‘s’ and ending in ‘r’…sheesh.

    Canada is a very multi-cultural country, where immigrants are proud of their countries of birth. Yes, most become Canadian citizens, with a sense of pride for their homelands. From what I have seen in from travelling in the u.s and meeting ‘americans’ while travelling off continent , many immigrants to america often lose a sense of where they come from. Once they get their u.s. citizenship, all of a sudden, they’re ‘american’. There’s no such thing, other than Native americans, as we all should realise.

    As a British-Canadian, I see the Canada’s ‘mosaic’ culture kept alive and well….Little Italy, Chinatown, Greektown, Little Portugal, etc. flourish well, as the immigrants to those areas (and others) become Canadian citizens. People often refer to theirselves as, “French-Canadian, Italian-Canadian”, etc. Proud to be Canadian,but not forgetting where they came from!
    We harmonise with one another, and for the majority, live peacefully, respect and tolerate one another’s different cultures.

    ‘Nuff said! ;P

  • Anonymous

    Mick… good to have you back on the air!
    World Cup is awesome – I’ve taken a couple of weeks leave, and have also watched (at least some!) of every game. Also watched the Czech’s V the Ghanasbrasasians (I don’t care what anyone else thinks – that’s what they’re called), and I was terrified when they won. (There goes my $890 SportsTab multibet!) (Doesn’t matter – the USA stuffed it for me too.)
    You spending any time in Sydney, or going straight home when you drop in? Let me know, and I’ll make some plans.
    Also… Tinning was the ‘Ex-Pat’ featured in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend – how funny!
    Take care, and see you soon.
    P.S. How about an update on the weight – or are you too scared/embarrassed?!?

  • Eballs

    Sorry mate – maybe next time I’ll check the weight watch before having a go at you for not updating it. That said, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’ve been taking some of those tablets that Warneys mum gave him. I want an independant weigh-in, witnessed by at least three people (preferably Ghanasbrasasians).
    P.S. I didn’t mean to be ‘Anonymous’… I just don’t know what I’m doing!

  • american

    Sorry for the misinterpretation and I agree. It shouldn’t be called the ‘s’ word. We already have football here though and unfortunately it seems to be more popular than the actual true football. Didn’t mean to offend if I did. I know our FIFA team stinks (One of few here who’ll actually admit it. heck we probably don’t even belong there.). After all. It’s called the World Cup where all nations are welcome and get together and play the sport. Again I apologize also for the anonymity. (btw….Mexico is directly South of us along with Central and South American countries. 😉 )

  • Kris Schultz

    I’ve been rooting for the U.S.A. to loose, despite the fact I am as patriotic as they come. Imagine how the world would react to seeing so many in the U.S.A. not care about a U.S. win in the World Cup… I just didn’t wanna have to deal with that, ya know?

  • mickrad

    Well, the US are out, and the Aussies and in and damn am I happy.
    I sorta hope that a lot of the US fans jump onto the Aussie bandwagon cause at least then the interest will remain high here.
    I really thought they would put up a better showing than they did, but I think it highlights that the standard of the MLS league here is really nowhere near the European leagues. They were going on about how nearly all of the players in their team play in the MLS.

    There’s your mistake!

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