Memorial Day….in memory…of those that are sent to their death….

So, it's Memorial Day.

What does that mean?

Similar to ANZAC Day, I am guessing it means that people should remember and honour the people that have fought and died for their country. (It also means that the Indy 500 was on….)
Unsimilar to ANZAC Day I have not seen much in the way of honest to goodness patriotism today.
I must admit, I didn't really do much of anything. I just enjoyed having a three day weekend and not having to go to work.

It has also been stinking hot here, with hints of how sticky the summer is going to be with the humidity. I am not minding it. I love the heat! Really….I do!

I have been eating so much crap though, although today the highlight was a Fajita Pizza from Papa Johns. Damn, that was a good pizza!

I'll have to get down to the gym though. It really can't be good for me….

Well I am over these dogs. I got home this afternoon to find the blind chewed up, the glass table knocked over, which meant that laptop was on the floor. The gate to the kitchen was knocked over. The back door handle was chewed up and there was shit upstairs and all over the back door and floor….


I know…i get myself into these things. It's just a pain in the arse when dogs act so badly!! Only 2 more night…Only 2 more night… my new style on the blog? 


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One response to “Memorial Day….in memory…of those that are sent to their death….

  • Zen Wizard

    Sadly, the day denigrated somewhat from its original purpose.

    Some say that was due to the arbitrary moving of the day to make a three-day weekend.

    Hope Congress doesn’t get any bright ideas about the Fourth of July!

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