Riding my bike…..DC style

DISCLAIMER: I am not sure if this story is 100% true, but it's what I think happened…and it makes a kick-arse story…

So, after I had smashed by rear bike tyre into a curb on the way home from work yesterday, and dented the shit out of it I had to decide what to do.

I am looking after those 2 dogs for 2 girls who live here (which I must add is on the border of 'The Hood'), and they have a car which is parked on the street, which I have been asked to move from one side to the other when the street cleaning happens (Wednesday/Thursday mornings). So, I had a bunged up bike (my main method of transport around 'The Hood'), and I had keys to a car, and it was 6.15pm, and the bike shop closed at 7.

So of course I jumped in the car and hooned over to Adams Morgan, about 13 blocks away and parked illegally and took my bike in.

They fixed it for $15 which I thought was sweet cause i banged it up pretty bad. It will never be the same, but at least I can ride it and don't have to pay $65 for a new wheel.

Anyway…so…i get home in one piece. My bike is fixed and I decide to jump on it and ride over to Dupont Circle to find something to eat.

I rode around the corner and passed a couple of normal looking guys leaning against the fence and I rode across the street… then suddenly…


Whe the fuck?

It sounded like a shit load of firecrackers going off, but i looked over my shoulder and I saw those 2 guys and I am sure they were shooting guns down the street I had just crossed and then started bolting down the street in the direction of the way I came. I think there were a bunch of guys down the street I had crossed.

I just pedaled faster and pissed off to have dinner….but of course I knew I had to come back….

4 hours later I did make it back, but I'll be looking forward to finished this dogsitting gig because that shit freaked me right out….no matter what that noise was…

There are a lot of sirens around this area, and I mean A LOT. You hear them pretty much every 10 minutes at least. 

But hey…I'm ok. I still walk the dogs, and I still ride in the evening, so I'll be ok, but just have to be aware in this place….. 


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3 responses to “Riding my bike…..DC style

  • rockwatching

    That is insane, people should not have to worry about that kind of stuff in a civilized country, or… do you live somewhere that you should expect that kind of thing ? Iraq? Mogadishu? The Bronx? L.A.? Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  • Dean

    Holy shit! But you’re right, great story.

    New look is cool btw.

  • Miss Riz

    good story. I also live in what the locals describe as “The Hood” in Japan, which really is laughable because the only kind of spray you’re likely to caught in riding your bike in my part of town would be a crossfire of hairspray as the local yakuza guys sit on the black ferraris and mercs looking at their reflections in the windows and touching up their hair.

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