Wheels, deal and Ritz.

I just bought a bike. I have spent all weekend looking around town travelling from Maryland to Virginia in a neverending pursuit to find the right bike.

I am a terrible shopper. I procastinate and am so undecisive that more than once I have shopped for 2 or 3 hours and returned home with absolutely nothing.

But I finally got one and I like it
My bike! But mine is black and manly, not red and girly

It's nothing hugely fancy, but it has pretty good components and only cost me $200. It should definitely get me around town!

I am dogsitting a couple of dogs right now that are crazy. One is a basset hound and the other is a dalmation. The basset hound (Scooter) is crazy. He is pretty badly behaved and just loves to get his nose into everything. They are interesting to walk as they each go at their own pace and it's like I am being torn in half.

This weekend has been interesting. Last night I was invited to dinner at the Ritz-Carlton.

By who you ask? Well I have made friends with a graduating Senior (meaning she's in her 4th year) at Georgetown University. We have hung out a few times and she invited me to attend her Seniors Ball and then to her Graduation Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton.

Ok, now check out this menu.

The food was amazing (of course). I had my frist taste of Foie Gras. (Duck's Liver). We always see it on Iron Chef, but I'd never seen it, let alone tasted it. To me, it had the texture of an oyster and it slid down the throat but I quite liked the taste..

I had the $26 chicken. Yeah….good shit.

On the Friday night I attended the Georgetown University Seniors Ball at Union Station. This was huge. There were probably about 5000 people there, and lots and lots of pearls and fancy dresses. I wondered on the night just how many millions of dollars worth of people were there that night. Apparently Donald Trumps son goes to Georgetown University.

So anyway, I've been trying to mix in the good crowds 😉 hehehe.. Nah, just lucky I think.

I also have the chance of moving in with someone just 2 blocks from work.

There is a swiss guy who works for the World Bank and he is after someone to share his studio apartment with him. A studio is only one bedroom, but it is a big area and would fit 2 beds ok. I was thinking that if I put up some sort of screen between us it would work. Anyway, it would be a good place to base myself and leave all of crap (instead of Dougall's) and he has cable TV and wireless internet. He is only asking $300 a month, which is a bargain for that area, even if I am sharing a room.

So basically I am looking to move in there with him probably in the middle of June after I have finished this stint of petsitting. We are going to hang out a bit next week though to see if we get along ok. What do y'all think? Worth it, or not? This guy also travels quite a bit for work,so there's a good chance that I'll get the place to myself now and then as well which is good. I can also keep doing my house/petsitting to be in a place to myself as well.

Anyway, that's my story at the moment. Hope everyone is well.

I am looking to come back to Australia in July for a week or 2, so i will let you all know what's happening when I get closer to the date (and I find a cheapish flight!)


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