Hey. I’ve been there!

Been having a lazy weekend this weekend.

It’s been nice though. I’ve set myself up in this place in Dupont (Yeah, the one with the broken doorhandle) and it’s been nice and quiet and I’m so close to everything which is convenient.

I saw The Sentinel last night. It wasn’t high on my list of ‘want-to-see’ movies, but I was out, and someone else wanted to go, so I went as well. It stars Keifer Sutherland doing pretty much the same thing he does in ’24’. Michael Douglas was pretty good. Doing what he does after all these years. This movie was really not a stretch for any of the actors involved.

The story was pretty good and the coolest part for me was that it was mostly filmed in DC and I recognised all sorts of shots of places around the city that I have been. Even the metro stop that I get off at to walk to the Embassy is in the background as Keifer is running around the city.

I’m listening to the new Whitlams album as I type this. It makes me think of home. There’s nothing like some soothing Australian music to make you miss home. They even throw in Aussie places in their lyrics just to make sure you know where they come from 🙂

I’m feeling very low-key this morning. Perhaps I should go and grab some brunch. It’s a big thing here, Brunch. Especially on the weekend. People tend to just wander down to a local restaurant or cafe and grab a bite and call it brunch. But you can get brunch until like 1pm, so how is that not lunch? I dunno.

Oh yeah, and YAY to the Eels on Friday night who finally managed their 2nd win of the season over the reigning premiers. Looks like they are maybe, possible turning the corner? Hope so….

Well, maybe it’s time for a shower and brunch 🙂

Take care, y’all.



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2 responses to “Hey. I’ve been there!

  • steph

    Bah! The bloody Eels have no chance. Lucky for them, my poor Rabbitoh’s are still there, or they’d end up wrestling the Warriors for the wooden spoon! hahaha! *runs away*

  • Tim

    The poor Eels are third last buddy, just sad. At least the Aussies beat NZ in the NRL Test match last Friday night. Doesn’t quite make up for losing tri-nations. You still alive?

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