The last week….

So I managed to get into the locked apartment.

With a locksmith? No.

With a key? No.

With a brick? Yes.

After screwing with the doorknob so much that my hand was hurting and it was the Thursday morning before I was supposed to be heading off the weekend I decided that drastic action was needed.

Enter….the brick. It was sitting near the front door of the hallway, seemingly to be used as a doorstop. I grabbed it, and brought it down onto the doorknob.



I could hear no-one running. No-one rushing to wonder what the hell I was doing smashing a doorknob with a brick.

So I did it again…and again….and again.

On the 4th or 5th hit the doorknob snapped off and the door flung open. THANK THE FUCKING GODS!

Sure, the doorknob was lying at my feet and there were gold paint shavings on the ground and the door looked like it had been scratched with a key, but I was in!

The cat was alive, although hiding as usual, and I fed it, grabbed some clothes and all was good.

And the dog piss house? I unfortuantely had to tell her at late notice that I could not house-sit her place because of an 'emergency' back in Australia that required me to go home. I felt like a bit off a prick for doing it, and I probably should have just told her that her house reeked of canine urine, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, I sent back the keys and hopefully she found someone to look after her dog instead.

So life trundles along. I hope everyone had a great Easter. I spent mine down in North Carolina visiting Laura. We went to a batting cage.

It was cool. The softball setting was fun. It lobbed down lollypop balls that I could take a swing at. They were easy to hit, although I think most of my hits would have been along the ground. Then I had a go at the baseball setting. I had the choice of 75, 65, 55 and 45mph. I thought I would be a man and go for the 65mph cage.

These balls were screaming down! I mean, I have faced 100kph cricket balls before, but these balls were coming straight and hard and they were hard to hit! Out of the 16 balls I had, I think I hit the last 8 or 10 in a row, but the first 6 were total strikes! Good fun though.

I saw V for Vendetta too. Kick Arse movie if you get a chance to see. It's the first thing the Matrix creating, 'Wachoski Brothers' have done since the Matrix, and it has a real revolutionary feel to it. Natalie Portman was great and of course Hugo Weaving as V was excellent. It's the sort of movie that makes you wonder if it could really happen, and wish that you could be involved when it does. A Revolution that is. Ask my mate Rowie and he'll tell you that it's just a matter of time before 'The Revolultion' begins, but perhaps this isn't the sort he was referring to…

Well,time to watch the new South Park.Whenever SBS shows the new season, you have to check it out. There are some classic episodes,including where Chef leaves, and where Comedy Central refuse to show the image of Mohammed. As usual the South Park boys know how to push the boundaries!

Oh yeah and check out My Flickr Page for a few new pics.

Plane, Monument and Sun


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