The downsides of petsitting

Yeah, so I spent over an hour trying to break into an apartment this afternoon.

Inside the apartment is my camera, a bag of clothes and oh yeah, a CAT.

I wasn't given the key to the doorhandle lock by the owner, and now she is in Europe and Iraq, and I have to somehow get into this apartment before I head off to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon.

Fun fun fun. I tried using paperclips and a letter-opener and now I have totally screwed up the lock. I got in contact with a locksmith afterwards, and hopefully they will help me out in the morning. But still, it's a pain in the arse.

Then I went to visit a potential dog-sitting client this evening, and she picked me up from the station. First thing i smelt in the car? Dog piss. Lovely.

She drove me to her place. And BOY did I smell it there. Totally gross and I was there for an hour and I could hardly stand it. I am supposed to be staying there for 2 weeks to look after her dog.

So what do I do? It's $150 for staying there for 2 weeks. Should I try and cover up the smell with sprays and smelly things, or just tell her that something else has come up and look for an alternative.

The downsides of pet-sitting. *sigh*


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One response to “The downsides of petsitting

  • Peggie

    Why in heaven’s name will you take jobs that don’t provide you with keys, and care for pets in an unsanitary home? and how will you be caring for that dog while you’re in NC? And $150 for two weeks of overnights? (that’s like $.44 an hour!) I wouldn’t trust anyone who made that little to care for my home and my pets!

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