Where am I now?

So, I am staying at a nice place in Cleveland Park for a couple of week. This place is a short walk to the Zoo, so I will definitely have to go and visit the baby Panda soon that is a constant source of news in the District.

The Cherry Blossoms are out. The weather was warming up and then yesterday we were put on some sort of Tornado watch, and a huge storm rolled in at around 7:30pm. The clouds looked great and the lightning was spectacular. But no tornado. Pity. I think I will have to add that to my list of things that I want to see before I die.

The weather has consequently gone back down to about 12 today, and then 3 tonight (possible snow? HA!)

I have been so damn busy this last week trying to organise places to house/pet sit and meeting potential ‘clients’ and trying to organise all of my clothing. I brought WAY too much stuff over, as far as clothes go, and boy are they heavy!! So I have to try and ration out which clothes I bring and which ones I leave behind (at the ever faithful Dougall’s place).

Well, in other things, Dad is in Virginia right now which is great! He flew into NYC last night and to DC today, so I am looking forward to catching up with him over the next week. Thursday night is John Butler Trio night (Ooops…forgot to tell Dad that I was hoping to go that), and then Wolfmother are in Baltimore next week, only an hour or so outside of DC. I have been contemplating going to see them because I am damn keen to see them live after the awesome Big Day Out effort. I imagine a smallish club here in the States would be a perfect place to view them.

Their debut album was released here in the States last weekend, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before they explode here as well. I mean, they are shit-hot in Australia right now.

So shoud I head to Baltimore to see them? That is the question.

There is also Lollapalooza in Chicago coming up (RHCP and QOTSA!), Ozz-Fest in Virginia (Ozzy and SOAD!), HFStival in Maryland (Kanye West + more), Coachella in California (Wolfmother and Tool!)……SOOO many gigs. Too little money…

A big congratulations to my cousin for tying the knot last weekend, and a big Happy Birthday to my Aunt and my good mate (The big 30!) for the 5th of April. Hope you all have good ones!

I’ll try to write more this coming week seeing as though I am based in a house with super-fast Internet and I should have more alone time…


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