Hungover haze or introspection?

As I sit here listening to Miles Davis, I get to feeling very laid back, cool and introspect.

But I also have huge amounts of alcohol swilring around in my system trying to get out.

So which one is it that made me want to blog?

Who knows. Who cares. But hey. Here I am.

This is such a strange country. It’s really very diverse, and I have seen it be very tolerant, but on the other hand it can be cruel, cold and closed-minded.

I am avoiding such people.

I tend to spend time with positive people. Shining lights. Open-minded and un-cynical people. There is enough cynic in me anyway. I try and keep it tucked away inside though.

I have spent a lot of time with Australians since being here. I had wanted to avoid it, but it’s pretty hard to avoid when you live and work with them.

I have never really enjoyed talking to Australians who have travelled elsewhere in the world. Although I would be interested in what they had seen and the experiences they’d had, it just constantly reminded me that I hadn’t seen or done any of it. Jealousy I guess. I tend to lose interest in peoples overseas travel photos fairly quickly, but if they were my own I am sure I’d be showing them off to everyone as well. Maybe it’s only one traveller to another that can really relate.

So, does this mean I am a traveller now? I dunno really. I have now been to one other country. Woo hoo. But I hope to get to England and other parts Europe at some stage, so I guess that might qualify me to join the club.

There are a crap-load of bars in DC. And I mean a CRAP load.

I think I have probably visited around 10 of them so far, but there’s got be at least 10 times that in NW DC alone.

I went to a few places last night after the Happy Hour (Oh yeah, that’s where I got really smashed with all of the Embassy Staff and guests and was singing Waltzing Matilda at the top of my lungs in a big huddle with the VB’s waving the air). Most of the bars look so indescript from the outside, like dives or crappy pubs, but once you get inside the decore is awesome and they have levels and levels of bars and people. And lots of places have a rooftop bar which rocks as well, especially when it gets warm enough to actually be outside!

Well, anyway, I’ve crapped on enough for now. Hope you Canberrans enjoy(ed) your long weekend, and I will check in soon….


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3 responses to “Hungover haze or introspection?

  • Shaun

    Hey there… just a brief hello from a Yank living in Canberra that stumbled across your blog in a round-about way. I was looking for the damn phone number for the Mexican place over in Braddon (Zambrero) and the first hit that came up was your blog. Funny world isn’t it? Cheers.

  • Angie

    This is such a strange country. It’s really very diverse, and I have seen it be very tolerant, but on the other hand it can be cruel, cold and closed-minded.

    Come check out the Bay Area if you get a chance. THIS is the place to be. 🙂 (and yes, this is coming from someone who is from 30 minutes away from D.C.)

  • David

    hey – just checked your other blog for the first time in ages – glad you are enjoying your new life over there.

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