Bands, Music and Parties

New Pearl jam album coming out May 2nd. Oh HELL yeah. And of course, they are touring it and they will be in DC on May 30.

So who’s jealous? 🙂

System of a Down will be in Virginia in August, so I might try and see them too.

Nebula, Hellacopters and The (kiwi) Datsuns on tomorrow night at the Black Cat. I love live music, and want to see more. There’s also The John Butler Trio playing soon at the 9:30 Club. I think I want to see Blackalicious as well. There’s just too many bands, and too little money!
I saw Dave Chappelle’s Block Party last night with about a 95% black crowd. It was great. They were getting into it, and it was a fun movie. Dave Chappelle is a funny bastard. He is touring to DC as well but his show sold out in like 5 minutes. He actually comes from here I think, so he has a huge following, and seeing as though 70% of DC is black, it’s little wonder.

He does attract alot of us white folk as well though.

Setting up for a big party here at the house tonight. I will probably post photos later. It’s a farewell for Adrian who heads back to Oz in a week or two. There should be 30+ people here with lots of Aussie beer, punch and good music!

The weather kicks arse today. it’s like 21 C today, and warming up to 26 on Monday. Good Bye Winter!

But back to 11 on Wednesday. Damn! it’s worse than the topsy turvey Canberra weather!

Went out last night to a place called ‘The Big Hunt.’ But we renamed it to ‘The Magic Hunt’. We’re so funny. We was, me, Dougall and Alex (new guy at work, also from Canberra who freakily knows Dougall’s brother and people that I know. Canberra is a small town). Had a number of ‘Bad Ass’ beers and generally had a fun ‘ol time.

Anyway, time to go get some stuff together for the party I guess.

oh yeah, and Yellster you’ll be happy to know that the name ‘Dorko’ is getting around now….I had some friend of Alex’s saying, ‘So, this is Dorko..’ last night.

Gees, it’s like being back in high school….


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