1 month down….

So, last week I marked my first month of living in Washington DC. So you may ask, how am i going?

It’s been a ride so far.


I entered this new stage of my life with an open mind and a lot of excitement but with not much of an idea where I was heading or would end up.

1 month down and I don’t think I have really any more of an idea of where I am headed, or where I am going, but it has sure been an experience.

You may have noticed that I have been busy. Yeah, I have tried to get out and about. See things, meet people and generally not be stuck at home too often.

This has been the part of living here that I have enjoyed the most. It seems that most nights and certainly every weekend I have had things to do. I’ve been tired, and almost starting to feel a bit rundown, but I have loved it. Especially in this first month, I think it has helped me to settle in and to get to know the city and the people.

Yeah, Americans are a weird bunch. They have some strange ideas, and some interesting philosophies, but they are decent people and certainly welcoming.

All of this gallavanting around has certainly kept me busy, and I guess it has also kept my mind off how much I miss home, and of course family and friends. I think that being away from home, whilst it is exciting and new, makes you appreciate that the things you took for granted at home are the things you miss the most.

I miss seeing the kids, and I miss their smiles, and their laughter, and yeah, I miss their whinging and screaming a little too. The thing is, I can’t think about missing them too much, or I get sad and down, and I don’t want to do that. I want enjoy my surroundings and keep heading in the direction I am. Soon enough I will be home and they will close to me, so I need to make the most of this time while I have it.

I miss my friends and family, and I miss what is going on with everyone. It seems that everytime I ask people what’s happening, it’s always, ‘The same old…’ or ‘Nothing much..’. But we all know this i not true, because as soon as I get back I will find out so many things are different. Even just those little things that happen from day to day that you forget about or don’t think much of.

The thing that stops me getting too homesick is the fact that I work and live with Australians. So in the context of my everyday, things are not a great deal different to Canberra. I work for DFAT, I have lunch with Aussies, and I go home and spend evenings and dinner with Australians. We are all able to talk about things and relate Aussie experiences which keeps the whole daily grind at a similar plane to back home.

Sometimes, I think that’s a shame, but mostly I am glad for it, because otherwise I really would miss home a lot more.

Speaking of work, it’s a great place to be. The Embassy people are all so friendly. There is not one person that you don’t walk past in the halls that you don’t say Hi to. Everyone seems to be there and happy to be there because even though we are in a different country, we are all linked by the fact that we work in an Australian building (It’s technically Australian Soil, but not really enforced).

The team I work with everyday is fun. We all get along well. We chat and muck around during the day, but still manage to get out 40-80 passports a day. We have lunch together, and we go to Happy Hours together and although not everyone really wants to be there (aspirations sometimes don’t match reality), we all give off a positive vibe and manage to keep the days chugging along without stress or tension.

I am so glad that the job is good and the people are good. If I didn’t enjoy being there everyday it would make this whole US experience a lot harder. As it is I actually look forward to work….well..so far anyway. That may change πŸ˜‰

I end up speaking with a lot of Australians whilst at work. And they are mostly all so friendly and end up chatting about how long I’ve been here and what I think of the US and blah blah… It’s nice to find that link with people and they like to hear someone else with an Aussie accent.

So. 1 month down. I am feeling ok. Not ecstatic, but good.

I am looking forward to spring. I am looking forward to New York. I am looking forward to Easter. I think spring will be good πŸ™‚


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3 responses to “1 month down….

  • SamT

    So what part of the passport process do you handle? Visas for Aussies coming to the US? Visas for Americans headed to Australia?

  • Tim

    Hey Dude. Glad to hear that everything is going well – can’t believe it’s a month already. How is the web-cam working with the kids back home? I think the ONLY downside is that you’re spending so much time with Aussies. Locals in every country love to complain about new immigrants not circulating among the general population and only working and living amongst their own? That’s YOU now! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for at least asking people to go to a NASCAR race with you – you know I’d be there if I could. Also, as for your best man duties at my wedding, it looks like we have post-poned it from XMAS 2006 (surprise, surprise) to Sunday 10 June 2007, Queens Bday Weekend. So we’ll be married after a 4 year engagement, on the very last weekend before our 10 year anniversary of when we met (at your house-warming/engagement party). Hopefully you’ll be home by then, but no worries if you aren’t. We could met in Las Vegas and get married there. Cheers, Tim.

  • mickrad

    SamT, Washington produces all of the passports for North, South America (including the Carribean). We don’t do visas, which is the question that we get a lot. Immigration deals with that…

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