If you smell…..what The Vince….is cooking…

Wrestling may not be everyones cup of tea, but when the WWE (formally WWF) rolls into town, it is definitely an event!

Vince McMahon and his crew of superstars (as they like to be called) film 2 prime-time shows a week. And on Monday night, they pre-recorded Smackdown and then broadcast Raw live to air.

Because they did both shows, we got to see nearly all of the current wrestlers do their thing.

The show had it all. A title fight for the WWE Championship (Kurt Angle v Undertaker), a Womens Championship fight (Trish Stratus v some Plaboy chick) and a Tag Team Championship (Big Show/Kane v Val Venis/Viscera).

And the grand finale? Vince McMahon try to get Marty Jannety (of ex-Rockers fame) to join the Kiss-My-Ass Club. Of course The Heartbreak Kid (Shawn Michaels) broke it all up, but then Shane McMahon (Vince’s son) smashed him in the head with a chair and made him kiss Vince’s ass.

Classic WWE 🙂

I took 100 photos, and although a lot came out blurry, most of them were ok.

Here’s a few…. (and more on Flickr)

The Title Fight

The MCI Centre

Look out Vince. He has a chair!

All-in Brawls are fun!


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2 responses to “If you smell…..what The Vince….is cooking…

  • Diane

    Jordan is green with envy – he watches this stuff all the time, much to my angst. He even thinks he saw you on TV – he is quite adamant about it – just remember Michael, IT IS NOT REAL!!!

  • Mom

    Wow, wow and wow again, you are having a ball I see…good for you! Enjoy to the max!

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