I’m alive!

Yeah, I survived 2x 6 hour Greyhound trips to North Carolina and back on the weekend.

People said to me. “You’re taking the bus? Are you crazy?”

You see, the bus is the cheapest mode of transport in the US, so you get all walks of life on the bus. But hey, (I thought) how bad can it be?

Well actually, not that bad at all. Apart of there being a bit of a bitch slap going on beside me on the way back of the reclination of a seat, it was quite pleasant, quiet and quick. Mind you, sitting in a coach for 5 hours each way wasn’t exactly fun, and the terminals were eye-opening, but on the whole it was not a bad experience.

So, I can no tick North Carolina off my list of states. I didn’t see a great deal. I saw Raleigh (the capital). I saw Durham, and I saw Hooters. Overall. A successful weekend! Hehehe

But I had a great time meeting up with an online friend, who fortunately I have a lot in common with and ended up drinking lots of Apple-tinis with and an awesome bottle of Italian wine. She has a room filled with action figures. Buffy, Matrix, Batman, X-Men. Awesome. Add to that comics from all the above and i was very impressed 🙂

Yeah yeah..I’m a big kid, but we knew that!

So, I am back in DC and house/cat-sitting for a colleague this week in Arlington. it’s great to have a bit of space, time and a comfy bed to myself. I have a gym and a pool in the building, Full package of cable (200+ channels) and I am stealing wireless from one of the 62 Wireless routers that my laptop found 🙂 Win win win!

Oh yeah, and just for Timmy. The Daytona 500 was on this past weekend, but I have now discovered that whilst V8’s have a wide ranging audience in Australia, from your local hoons, to your upper class yups, NASCAR racing is really reserved for the rednecks of the US. I mentioned to someone that I have been told to go to a NASCAR race and they laughed at me. So, yeah, maybe I won’t be able to find anyone to go with…..

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I’ve updated a couple of the pages over there —————————->


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