Oscar Movies…..again. 2 Down.

Well, if you read my blog last year, you will remember I had a mission to see all of the ‘Best Picture’ Oscar Nominated Films for that year. I failed miserably, only seeing 2 of them before the Oscars happened.

So, it’s time to try again! The Oscars are on March 5th, and I have now seen 2 of the 5 nominated ‘Best Picture’ films.

They are:

Brokeback Mountan
Good Night, and Good Luck

So, 3 to go in 3 weeks. I reckon I can do that. Crash is a DVD movie anyway, so it should be easy.

So, here’s a couple of my opinions on the 2 I have seen.


Let me just give you a quick rundown on Eric Bana’s career…..

So. yes. He’s had a diverse career. His role in Munich is like something you have never seen him do. Not only does he do a pretty damn good Israeli accent, he acts his way so well through this movie, you feel proud to have known him as the guy that impersonated Ray Martin.

I have not been a huge fan of Spielberg’s recent works. To be honest, I haven’t seen them either because his fascination for Tom Hanks is really starting to wear thin with me. Now, if he started a fascination with Eric Bana, I might reconsider. This film is strong, well cast and even though it runs for 2 hrs 45 mins it keeps you enthralled and unsleepy (I was really tired when I went into this movie). I didn’t really know the story of the Terrorist incident at the Munich Olympic Games, but after this movie, you really will know all about it. It’s almost filmed in a documentary style, but the character that Eric Bana plays really pulls you into the film and keeps you wanting to find out more.

No Spoilers here, but the ending may not be to everyone’s liking. I didn’t mind it. I thought there was a lot of texture and a real under current to the film which you really have to keep track of otherwise you may fade.

Anyway, I’m being vague. It’s good. It’s not usual Spielberg tripe. And Eric Bana is the best actor to come out of Australia since…..well…for a while. 4 bombs from me!

Brokeback Mountain

I just came out of this movie about 2 hours ago, so it’s still very fresh in my head. Firstly, let me say that if I were gay, I would so want Jake Gyllenhaal. Damn, I almost envy Heath Ledger getting to kiss him. But I digress. This is a freaking excellent movie. As far as movies go, too many times we see the same old worn out stories rolled out again and again. But has there been a film about gay cowboys recently? I think not!

This movie makes me want to go to Wyoming. Some of the scenery shots are magnificent, and the music? Damn, it may have been country and western styled, but it (almost) had me getting into it.

But what makes this movie so frigging good is the acting. They both act well, but Heath just kicks arse in this movie. I have not seen him perform like this ever, and I have seen most of his movies. (10 Things I hate about You included!) He portrays the confused, likeable, quiet cowboy with scary ease and his thick country American accent was almost perfect. The story in this film keeps you interested and the emotion it invokes, althought probably very different with different people, really pulls you in.

I am not the best person to ask, “Did you like the movie?” after coming straight out of the cinema, because I have a habit of saying that it was “..the best movie I have seen this year.” But this movie is, and maybe it will be all year.

I enjoyed picking the female actors in this movie too. Find Velma from Scooby Doo and Jen from Dawsons Creek.

It’s great! It’s gay! It gets 4 1/2 spurs from me.


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8 responses to “Oscar Movies…..again. 2 Down.

  • Casanova

    I bet you’re one of those losers
    who likes Donnie Darko…

    Why are you so keen on checking out god-forsaken Wyoming when you haven’t even seen the White House yet?!

  • mickrad

    I saw the White House from down the road. It’s white. It’s a house.

  • mickrad

    And who the hell are you anyway!!

  • Miss Marina

    Teeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe …

    … do I see a potential cyber-clash here???!!!

    … and IS pathetic that you haven’t seen the White House yet. Hehehehe.

    … and Jake’s mine, NOT yours, Mr Big Gay Hand jogger!!!

  • Miss Marina

    … Oh, and BTW, don’t worry your pretty little head, Mr M … I’m still on the TEAM!!!

  • mike

    If you like Jake, go see Jarhead , top flick..

    btw: fuck the white house

  • Tim

    Mick, it’s been a week… where’s the reports? We aren’t paying you to sit around and watch movies, roll snow and change teams. Pull the Y chromosome out and post some picks of some yank tanks 🙂 Holden decided not to make the Monaro anymore, but for a while the US will still get them as Pontiac GTO’s. Anyway, Holden just sold the last Monaro on eBay for $187,600. Cheers, Tim. Those US boys better appreciate them.

  • Lady E.

    Hi there,

    I’m in agreement with you Brokeback Mountain was an excellent film. Had the film been set in a later decade (where the lead chars could live together without fear of reprisal) the impact of their feelings for each other wouldn’t have come across as good.
    Btw, those scenes of ‘Wyoming’ were from Alberta, Canada…YEAH!

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