Chili is good. Oh yes.

I had some mince meat with a bit of spice Chili tonight.

But not just any chili. This stuff was wrapped in a tortilla, draped with cheese, lettuce and tomato and then surrounded by cornchips with salsa and sour cream on the side.

Yum. Yum. Yum. Wish I has taken my camera!

Also found out today that I am house-sitting a house and a cat in a place called Crystal City for one of my workmates next week. I am stoked about this cause then I will be able to have some space and some time to myself, which will be very nice!

Yesterday was awesome in the snow. I have a heap of photos, but here’s one more that I thought you guys in Aussieland might like. We made a huge snowball by rolling a small ball around and around the croquet pitch until it got bigger and bigger. Almost too big to roll any more. Then we pushed it over to the hill beside the house and rolled it down the hill. I have a movie clip of it, but it’s pretty big. I will try and edit it a bit. Here is a pic of the big slushie!
Our Snowball!And then the sun goes down on a fun day…

Sun sets on a great dayHope you’re all having a great week!


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