Let it SNOW!

This is the view outside the window tonight…

Over the trees

It’s a glorious evening!

The snow is bucketing down over Washington and the whole east coast.

The Weather Channel was getting very exciting about it this morning and all the news reports showed people stocking up on toilet paper and milk! It’s like a blizzard was coming or something, but at around 3pm this arvo, the drizzly rain suddenly turned into light snow and it’s been snowing ever since.

There’s probably around 3 inches of snow so far….

The outdoor setting

There has been so little snow this season that everyone is getting pretty excited about it all.

I must say it looks beautiful out my window tonight, but I will get some better shots in the morning.

Out my window

Oh yeah, and I went to the basketball last night.

The Washington Wizards tooks on LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. The Wizards controlled the game for most of the night and it wasn’t the most exciting or close game I’ve seen, but it was great to be in a big full stadium watching NBA basketball!

Here’s a couple of pics, just for Rowie 🙂

A full MCI Center LeBron in action. (he missed)

Today, I finally discover what CostCo is all about. (A Huge Wholesale store) and I went to Marshall, bought some clothes and found a sweet Audioslave DVD.

Tomorrow night I go and see Supergrass at the 9:30 club! Woo!


I’m tired….


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