I couldn’t be bother counting days any more….

I went to another hockey (on ice) game last night! Got some 5 bucks tickets through my friend, Amber’s friend and we sat in the very very last row looking directly down on the ice.


This time the Caps couldn’t match the awesome Goalie feats of the Florida Panthers’ goalie and they got flogged 5 – 0. It was fun though and I got lots more cool pictures here.

Things are cruising along ok. The days are getting colder. It’s like -5 in the morning and then gets to a top of 5 during the day. Well that’s my interperation of the conversion thing anyway. it’s a real pain trying to convert the temperatures.

There are chances of snow this weekend apparently, but I’ll believe it when I see it!

I’m off to a Washington Wizards Basketball game on Friday night and today I bought tickets to….

YES! I have to admit. I am a closet WWE (WWF for the oldies) fan!

It’s not like I follow it every week, or get all obssessed with watching the PPV’s, but I like to keep an eye on what the storylines are doing and which wrestlers they’ve dragged out of retirement this week. Back when I was in high school, there was Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Jake the Snake Roberts and of course the Harts. It was fun suff and after Channel Ten stopped showing the late night highlights, I didn’t catch it until I got Foxtel and managed to catch the Raw and Smackdown shows.

So, I got to see legends like, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker. Things have changed though and The Rock is in movies, Stone Cold was unceremoniously expelled, and Hulk Hogan has a million broken ribs. But there are the new breed. John Cena, Rany Orton, Batista, Edge and Kurt Angle.

Anyway, it’s a big ‘Supershow’ at the MCI Arena and I am looking forward to see how stupid the Americans get over the fake wrestling. I mean, everyone knows it’s fake, but it’s not about the wrestling. it’s about the hyp. The Fireworks. The Storyline and the entertainment. That’s why they call it, ‘Sports Entertainment’ 🙂

So anyway, that’s the news. I am in the big house alone tonight so I might go and whip up some toasted sandwiches for dinner or something….

And by the way, if any of your readers out there want to leave comments, or email me, or anything, please feel free. I like hearing about things from home….


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3 responses to “I couldn’t be bother counting days any more….

  • Zya

    You know what is really wierd?

    I just happened to stumble across your blogs..
    and I’m from Canberra..

    and I’m going to DC via NY… I only got a ticket to NY because it was cheaper!

    how strange is that?

    I leave on the 4th of March!

  • mike

    Ice hockey rocks ! Saw a few games while i was in Vancouver and Ottawa.

    Go the Senators 😀

  • mike

    Ice hockey rocks 🙂 Saw a few games while i was in Vancouver and Ottawa.

    Go the Senators 😀

    Oh we had a perfect weather week back here .. 🙂 mid to high 20’s. Canberra rocks.

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