Day 10 – Superbowl Sunday!

I’ve always been a fan of American Football (or as Aussies have to call it, Gridiron, seeing as though we already have 4 other kinds of football), and I have watched a few Superbowls in the past, but I was looking forward to watching it live in the States and also to get to see the 2.5Million dollar (for 30 second) advertisements!

I ended up going over to my bosses place (not Dougall, but his boss) to watch the game and there were, count them, 8 gay guys there! So, watching the Superbowl with 8 gay guys, another straight guy, as well as Dougall and Liz was interesting! But fun! There was plenty of laughter at the ads (especially the Bud Light ads) and there were lot of snacks, and drinks to be had. I tried a Jamaican Beer called Red Stripe, which was damn good, and the bottle sorta looked like the VB bottles.
For the record, the Pittsburgh Steelers won it pretty easily in the end, but the Seattle Seahawks had their chances and should have lead by more at quarter time.

There’s a big hype over football in the states, and I think the main reason is becase the season is so damn short. There are only 17 games before the playoffs start and then they only last 3 weeks before the Superbowl! There is so much build-up to the game and it’s all over so quick that people really try to make the most of it.

But anyway, at least i can say I have seen a Superbowl in the US now, and that I was squashed on a couch between 2 gay guys… 🙂


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