Day 8 – Dupont, Adams Morgan, and New Orleans food

Ok, you didn’t really expect that I would blog every single day I was here did you?

Well, as it turns out i have had a few late nights this week, and I am just totally wiped in the mornings when I wake at 6:15 to leave the house at 7am to get to work at 8am. Then I sit at my desk like a zombie for a while, working out how to be awake enough to verifiy passport details.

It’s been a crazy week. I arrived in this country a week ago and it feels like it was a month ago. Everything has happened so damn fast. Somehow I have managed to find my feet this week, but I am still feeling very disorientated in this town. But hey, it’s only been a week, and I can’t expect to know everything straight away I spose….

The last couple of nights have been my first forays into going out in DC and experiencing some nightlife. Last night I went to an Irish bar which sold American food and Danish beer. The best part was catching up with an old friend who has really settled into DC life so much that he’s staying for good. It’s amazing what happens to us Big G boys in a new city 😉

The food wasn’t bad though. I had some chicken wrap thing with buffalo sauce. A bit spicy and tangy and tasted nice. This bar was inside a hotel in the yuppy classy part of DC called Dupont Circle. This area was once a predominantly gay part of town, but apparently it is not so much any more as everyone has moved in as well, forcing the rental prices up and pushing the other people out and pulling the affluent in. It’s a pretty part of town though and I will post some photos as soon as I get my new camera going (it arrived today!)

Tonight I met up with the lovely Amber, whom I have known in cyber land for years, but just met for the first time tonight. She showed me around an area called Adams Morgan near where she lives and we ate in an awesome little New Orleans restaurant. I had Jambalaya with Andouille (spicy sausage) which was good stuff. So was the Rum Hurricane drink (ironically named) The owner gave us some beignets which are apparently famous from the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. The owner of the little restaurant apparently used to work there and we gobbled down the fried pastry treats fast. They were damn good!

New Orleans Cafe

After dinner, we went to a pool hall (can’t remember the name now) and played some 8 and 9 ball whilst Sweet Child ‘O Mine blasted out of the jukebox…


Then we walked through Adams Morgan some more and I was shown some of the cooler and trendier clubs and bars on 18th Street.

The Toledo Lounge

Bear in mind that I just snapped these shots on my little K750i Camera Phone, so they aren’t the best quality or positioning!

After we walked on down to U Street and checked out the Black Cat and few other bars in the area we parted for the evening and I started my long commute home. About an hour later I reach the end of the driveway where I am living and made my way up to the house to where I am right now. It’s a bit of a spooky walk at night!

Cairngorn Farm

So, finally it’s the weekend. Time to get some sleep (It’s now 3am!) and hopefully a bit of a sleep in!

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