Day 5 – My first look at a Supermarket….

So, do I start looking for a place to live?

I think that living in a share house would be a fun thing. Meet some people, hopefully who have a social life, and as long as they are nice I could really enjoy myself. Of course the downer is that I would have to pay for money which means I would have less to travel with. Not sure what to do yet, but hopefully I won’t have to decide just yet!

Work is good. I am trying to take it all in and understand all of the different processes. Bloody hell it’s a lot to take in, but I think I’m going ok.

At lunchtime today I checked out a supermarket near work and had a lot at a few things. I am expecially impressed with ‘Easy Cheese’ Cheese in a can. Of course any other cheese is just too hard. All their food looks really fatty, sugary, salty or just plain sickening. I guess I will have to actually eat some of it this year, but I can’t really say I am looking forward to it.

Although…those buffalo wings at the bowling alley last night looked damn tasty. I think the junk food is just made to look so damn good that you forget about how greasy it is.

A guy at work has told me we are going to KFC next Thursday, so that should be interesting. Apparently it’s fattier than you get in Australia. (yick!)

I had some Macca’s fries today. They were remarkably similar to what you get in Oz, but the medium here was definitely the size of a large there.

Anyway, I have ordered my camera today, so hopefully soon I will be posting lots of photos up for you all to see!

Bed time for now though!


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One response to “Day 5 – My first look at a Supermarket….

  • Miss Marina

    So … they’re taking you on a field trip to … KFC …???!!! Hmmm … let’s see … there’s the wonderous Lincoln Memorial just around the corner, or the massively huge and simply amazing Smithsonian Museum up the street, or the brilliant Library of Congress a few blocks away … or KFC???!!!

    You’ve succumbed to banalilty by Day 5 already!!! A record!!!


    Mr M, looks like you’ll be needing to book TWO seats on your flight back at the junk food rate you’re on … especially if it’s including special crap-food field trips! (Teehehehe). Anyhoos, good to hear you’re there and safe and settling in. Are you shocked it’s taken me 5 days to put in my two cents? Hehehe

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