Day 4 – First day of work, and Bowling!

Wooo….firstly, 163 in my first game of bowling in the states. Wooo! That included a Turkey (3 strikes in a row) as well baby!

It was a top night. Went out with A to a night out with some of his friends he has met since being in DC (been here a year and he is sleeping in the room next to mine). $15 for unlimited bowling all night, and we had 6 games. 163 was easily my best game ever I think. The rest wasn’t so good!

Work was good. A LOT to take in, including learning every step of how to receive, receipt, confirm and produce a passport. Fun fun! I think it’ll work out well though because the team is nice and that is the main thing. I could be piling shit in a corner for 7 hours a day, but it the people you are doing it with a nice and friendly and make the day go fast, then it’s all good with me!

It’s damn late cause I only just got home, and I have to get up in 5 hours, so I am not going to write any more tonight, but I promise more detail soon, including the possibility of going to a NBA game next week! WOOT!

Hope y’all are going well!


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