Day 3 – U Street, Fuddruckers and the Caps!

Woke up to an overcast day in Virginia, USA. But still the temperature was hovering around 45F (7C) and got to a nice 55F (13C) or so. Little bit rainy, but nothing to write home about….although…that’s sorta what I’m doing right now!

Today, I went and met up with my mate Dougall and we went and had my first true blue yank American Burger at Fuddruckers. Weird name for a shop, but their Southwest Burger with Guacamole and Bacon was damn good! You sorta have to build it yourself. You get the basic burger, (cooked to taste. I had it Medium Rare) and then you can put in tomato, lettuce, salsa, jalapenos or whatever you want in it. Then you close it up, try and fit it into your mouth and chew.

I would be taking photos of all this stuff, but I have not yet got my dream camera. Hopefully this week!

After the burger, we wandered up F Street to the MCI Arena to see if we could catch the afternoons hockey game. We got 3 tix and went in so I could experience my first US Team Sport on my checklist of Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basket and Football (Gridiron). I saw the Washington Capitals (Caps) squeeze past the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 with a goal 2:20 from the end of the game. It was fast and there is non-stop entertainment! There’s Smile Cam, Dance Cam, Play of the Week, the Circles of Fortune (where you have to slide the puck into the 4 penalty circles and the centre). Overall it was a damn fine day!

Panoramic shot of the MCI Arena

First day at the Embassy tomorrow. Always nervous when I start a new job, but a new job in a new country….man….


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4 responses to “Day 3 – U Street, Fuddruckers and the Caps!

  • Ampersandduck

    Congratulations! Sounds like you’re going to have a great time. Just remember to climb mountains proportionate to the size of the burgers you consume, and you’ll come out of the experience no bigger… 🙂

  • Eballs

    Good to see you made it safe n sound. 5 states already!… you’ll be done in a month, and be looking for another country to visit!
    Very impressed with the ad-hoc method by which you arrived at your final destination!
    Now… I see that you are truely imersing yourself in the culture, by eating the local food. By my count, you’ve had a big fat fat-burger, some cheesy fat-chips, and an extra large fat-coke. I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t updated the weight section yet. I’m sure you’ve put on a couple of kilos already!
    Good luck with your first day at the embassy.
    Here’s my tip… ask for a pay-rise immediately. (You’re going to need it, if you keep giving away all your hard earned to the bums on the street!) Good luck my friend!

  • Zoe

    Hi Mick, glad to hear you’re there safe and well. Good luck with your first day at work.

    And don’t listen to mean people telling you you’ll get fat. Just keep away from the all you can eat restaurants (which is harder than it sounds)

  • Tim

    G’day Mick, very pleased to hear that you survived the local public transport and bag handling welcome committee. I’m impressed that you’ve already been on a hike and to a sporting event within the first three days! Keep up the good work. (Don’t forget to mail me back a NY Jets item for my 30th) Once you blow your first pay cheque (I mean check) and get your schmancy camera please take photos of all the Holden Monaros you see (they’ll be badged as Pontiac GTO’s). Take it easy. Tim.

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