The first flight: JFK to DCA

So, I fly into JFK International at 4:50pm on the 27th of Janurary.

Then, I have to get to Washington. SOMEHOW.

Yeah, I only got a ticket to New York cause it was cheaper, but now I have to get to Washington and the price it will cost me to get there would have been the same as if I had just bought a ticket from Sydney to Washington, but ANYWAY!

How do I get from New York to Washington?

The choices:

1) Plane – I can get an American Airlines flight from JFK to DCA (Reagan National in DC) that leaves at 8:41pm, and arrives in DC at 10pm.
Cost? $117.80
Travel Time? 1hr and 19mins.

2. Train – Amtrak has trains running every 45 minutes or so from Penn Station in New York to DC. I could probably get to the station by 7pm.
Cost? $150, or $68 if I want to leave at 10pm.
Travel Time? Around 3 hours, depending on if I get the express or not.

3. Bus – There are a fuckload of buslines that travel from NYC to WAS and I could catch any of them. Thing is, again, I would have to get myself to the bus station from the airport.
Cost? $20 for the cheapo, and $40 for Greyhound.
Travel Time? About 4 1/2 hours

4. Hitch – Yeah…I probably don’t want to die in my first few hours in the USA.

5. Hire a Care and Drive there – This has positives of freedom and the adventure of driving, but I would have just been on a place for 20+ hours, and probably won’t be in a state to drive for 4 hours on the wrong side of the road to a place I have never been.
Cost? $75 for a Chevrolet Aveo, or $90 for a Pontiac G6.
Travel Time? Probably around 4 – 4 1/2 hours drive.

I don’t usually analyse things quite THIS much, but I have lots of time on my hands at work 🙂

I am thinking I will probably just go the easy route and take the plane, which means I get a few hours at JFK to stretch my legs, and then I get to DC at a decent time to an airport just 10 minutes from where I will be living.

What do y’all reckon?


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