Movie Review: King Pong (a few little SPOILERS but everyone knows what happens anyway)

In a word. “Meh”

I had high expectations from King Kong.

I thought it had a lot of things going for it.

Peter Jackson

Naomi Watts
Jack Black
A Catchy Film Title.

Ok, maybe not that many things….

..but I went into this movie hoping for a bit of substance and a half-decent movie.

What did I get?
A 75% computer animated movie with a thin boring plot and more ‘big’ things than Australia’s tourist attractions.

For starters, it took nearly 90 minutes to even see the title of this movie. Lots of lead-up, and most of it I just couldn’t give a crap about. BRING ON THE APE!

Having said that, I thought the actors did a decent job with what they had. The forever anxious looking Adrien Brody was a stand-out for me, but Jack and Naomi held their roles well.
Actually it’s bloody great to see Jack Black in a serious role. I think he has great character and charisma flowing out his ears, and it was just a matter of time before he hit the big time.

Now, I have not seen the original King Kong. I mean, I’m sure it was a blockbuster in it’s time, but the storyline that Jackson has used for this remake is really nothing short of lame. The weak plot and predictability of the ape and damsel’s relationship just made it all a little ho hum.

Now, before I get onto the relationship between the beauty and the beast, can someone please tell me why they spent so much time on the adventures through the island, but refused to show how the fuck they got that monkey onto the boat or into the theatre? Then again 3+ hours was enough.

Yes, the scenes with Kong and Anne were well done. The emotions on his face and his steely huge eyes were awesome. You definitely felt sorry for Kong and could feel their connection. But to be honest, unlike TJ, I just couldn’t feel very close to the situation or get emotional about it at all.

I mean, come on people.

This is a gorgeous blonde actress and a 30 foot monkey with scars, badly manicured nails and ‘T-Rex’ breath. If he had the smarts to hit his chest, then he had the smarts to realise that she wasn’t going to stick around.

Anyway, enough of my arm flailing.

When I first heard that PJ was attempting King Kong I was wary. After the brilliance of Lord of the Rings, I knew that he couldn’t stay at the level. It will be interesting to see what he comes out with next….

Kong gets


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