What sun? What UV?


Just remember that even though it may be overcast, and not that hot, the UV rays get through kiddies.

My back and chest feel like they have been sandwiched in between a foccacia grill for 30 seconds. Poor me…

On the up side, I managed to attached a cheapo sun-shade from Go-lo onto a pergola. On the down side, the shade was too big for the pergola and it flaps in the breeze, but on the up side it still provides shade for the munchkins.

And yes, the youngest munchkin turned 2 yesterday. Yay for the little one! He is able to make you un-mad with him with a simple tilt of his head and cheeky grin. The cheek!

Hey, so, this is my last week of work in Canberra for a year.


Motivation? 0.



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