Zambrero or Zambreros?

It’s been a quiet weekend, but on Friday night, I happened to head into Civic to have a look at some of the cars on Lonsdale St, in Braddon.

For a long time now, Lonsdale Street has been a mecca for burnouts, hotted up cars and more recently, lots of cops. I am not sure what the attraction to the place is, but apparently it’s fun to set up a folding chair at the end of the street and watch all the cars go past, and on Friday and Saturday night there were a LOT of cars. So many, that it probably took about 15 minutes just to travel 500m, from one end to the other, or around the roundabout and back up Mort Street.

I have no picture proof, but there must have been at least a thousand people lining the street when I turned up on Friday night..

Throught the gloom that is beer bottles, exhaust fumes, and Summernats t-shirts, was a new mexican takeaway.

This place stands out cause the front window is covered in bright green limes. It’s called Zambrero on the outside, but on the inside it’s referred to as Zambreros, so you take your pick…

The food is great though. They have tacos, burritos and nachos, and if any of you have been to Montezuma’s recently you will realise that their mexican food has gone to crap in the last year (change of ownership and Phillip closing down). The chicken in the burrito I had was tender, juicy and damn good.

It’s about time that there was some decent Mexican in Canberra. I tried some of their nachos as well, and the guacamole is awesome.

It’s only a small store, but I think this place will get some good business, especially seeing as though the over-priced Debacle is directly opposite..

Speaking of Summernats. It’s all over for another year and although there was a small accident with a stunt car, there are never any major accidents, which I think is probably thanks to the huge police presence in Canberra, but also that the people who go to Summernats are generally pretty behaved. They just love their cars, and seeing other cars that are loved.

I must admit that there is a small hoon inside me. It’s not very big and it doesn’t escape very much, but there’s something about a bright green Commy doing a burnout that warms the cockles….


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