Back to Work is as bad as ‘Back to School’

As a kid, didn’t you hate seeing those big ‘Back to School’ signs in K-Mart and Best and Less just weeks after you stopped school and don’t want to think about it for at least 5 1/2 weeks?

Well, just as much, I hate the whole ‘Back to Work’ thing, which I am currently doing, as we speak, apart from the whole blogging thing, which means I am not really working so much…..yet.

But, hey, I’m at work. I even got here at 8:15 for some crazy reason….

And so, it’s time for a recap of the last 11 days.

Friday 23rd – Golf. I sucked.
Saturday 24th – Book tickets….(what???), Morph into Santa and build trampampoline.
Sunday 25th – Be festive. Be Merry. Drink. Eat. Collapse.
Monday 26th – 10am start. Drink. Drink. Drink. Drink. Drink. Watch Cricket. Drink. Drink. Sleep. Drink. Poker. Pool. Drink. Drink. Sleep. Sleep Sleep.
Tuesday 27th – Sleep. Watch Cricket.
Wednesday 28th – Drive. Drive. Drive. Stupid bloody traffic. Beach. Swim. Swim. Snorkel. Sweat. Eat. Drive. Drive. Drive.
Thursday 29th – Sleep. Watch Cricket. Attempt to survive heat indoors with no Air Coc and 3 restless and extremely tired children, before giving up and sending them away to sleep in their beds…
Friday 30th – Sleep. Questacon with 3 tired and restless children. The Roller-coaster simulator was fun. The Earthquake House was lame.
Saturday 31st – Prepare for the evening. Have the evening. Drink 6 Coronas in celebration. Mingle with 20,000 in Civic. Sit outside ‘The Cube’ and be hit on my guys. Sleep.
Sunday 1st – Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
Monday 2nd – Latte (what the?), Shops, Cricket (not. Bloody rain), Chicken Little. (it was very cool)
Tuesday 3rd – That’s right now you idiot.. You should be working….

So, there we go.
Hope you had a good one.
I plan on releasing my much anticipated New Years Resolutions later today.

And oh yeah, that news that I was talking about? Not telling you yet……


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