Pandora – The Music Genome Project – This shit rocks.

Ok, so you have a favourite band, and you want to listen to a radio station that plays lots of their music, as well as other songs that sound similar?

So, what we do is go to Pandora, and enter a band or artists name….

I’m in a bit of a Gunners mood. Let’s see what it throws up…

Pandora now goes off and creates a radio station around the band, artist or song title that you have entered…..

Here comes the first song…

Alright! A bit of Paradise..that’s a great start!

*singing ensues*

Cool…so what’s next?

Dunno if I have listened to much Judas Priest before, but hey if Pandora says I should listen to it….

This continues on, song after song. I got some Alice in Chains, some Poison, some Def Leppard, some AC/DC and because this is the Gunners Station, we get to hear Axl every few songs. (Coma is ringing through my head right now)

If you come across a song that you really hate, just tell it…

I went ahead and added some System of a Down to my newly name ‘This is Rock’ station, and decided that I did not want to hear any more Whitesnake.

This is genius. You have to check it out…


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