My Top 5 Albums of 2005!

It’s that time.

Time for my top 5 Albums of the year!
I can now call it an annual thing since I did it last year as well.

Here we go: (in order this time)

1. Wolfmother – Wolfmother
This is by far the best debut album I have heard in a long long time. And the best thing is. They are from Sydney! It’s retro rock, but it’s fresh and it’s exciting and it’s fun. I can listen to this album over and over and still want more. VERY much looking forward to seeing them live soon. (Missed them at the ANU recently)

2. System of Down – Mezmerize
KickARSE Album. It’s heavy. It’s fast. It’s frenzied, and damn it even seems like they are having fun when they record. From the first track, ‘BYOB’, you just know this album is going to rock. This was very close to being No.1 for me.

3. Foo Fighters – In Your Honour
Dave and the band never disappoint. This album pumps out more hits, just like their other albums and they have a knack of not making any bad songs. The second album, the soft one, has not been on my player as much as the first one, but it’s a nice idea to split to heavy and soft tracks.

4. Kaiser Chiefs – Employment
I don’t actually own this album, but after hearing most of the songs from it on JJJ, I am convinced that this album is excellent. And after seeing them live last week, I can’t get their songs out of my head. I want more more more.

5. Audioslave – Out of Exile
More melodic than their first effort, but it stick packs a punch. I just love Chiris Cornell’s voice, and add RATM’s band behind him and it just works everytime.

Honourary Mentions for albums that I may or may not own (yet), but like what I have heard…
Bernard Fanning – Tea and Sympathy
System of a Down – Hypnotize
Bloodhound Gang – Hefty Fine
Cat Empire – Two Shoes
Gorillaz – Demon Days
Maximo Park – A Certain Trigger
Lior – Autumn Flow
The Herd – The Sun Never Sets

Now check out triple j’s best albums of the year: 2005

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